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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

'Grow Some Sunshine' Campaign - FREE Seeds


Fancy joining me and getting involved in something pretty special?

 Launched today, the brilliant 'Grow Some Sunshine' campaign is all about bringing families and communities together to grow some giant sunflower seeds this summer so their happy, smiley faces will shine out as an enormous THANK YOU to the amazing NHS that are at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic
Burpee Seeds Europe have very generously donated a mountain of FREE giant Sunflower 'Pikes Peak' seeds for a campaign to support these amazing heroes
This Crowdfunder campaign will allow everyone to nurture and grow a nationwide crop of sunflowers this summer in recognition of the huge effort made by the NHS and essential workers, as a beacon of hope for the end of the pandemic and to make the country smile too! At the same time, much-needed funds for charity will be raised.

Donate today and you will be sent 8 giant 'Pike's Peak' sunflower seeds to sow and grow in a prominent place where everyone can see them.

'Grow Some Sunshine' is a great way to get children and adults alike to grow and nurture seeds and plants – plus later in the year, there’ll be huge sunflower seedheads all across the UK that’ll help feed our garden birds and wildlife.

So let's all get involved and spread some cheer across the nation, whilst at the same time supporting our amazing NHS

Details on how to get your FREE seeds and to make a donation here.... 


**The people behind the campaign are David Hurrion (davidhurrion.com) and Fran Suermondt (rabbitattackpr.com), in conjunction with Burpee Europe (burpeeeurope.com)**

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Thank You NHS Heroes - FREE Colouring Page

*Something a bit different from me today*
These are humbling times and there are many heroes out there at the moment, from those keeping our food chain going, maintaining our home energy supplies, caring for our relatives & friends in residential homes and many of the day to day equally essential services that we often take for granted.

We were all super proud in our house the other day when we saw my husband's best friend Colonel Ashleigh Boreham on TV, being interviewed about his role in the building of the Nightingale Hospital in London. The ability of some people to step up in these challenging & scary times and just get stuff done is truly amazing. 

The superheroes in all this though has to be our NHS staff, the men and women on the front line caring for those with the coronavirus and also those patients with all the health issues that existed before Covid-19 stole the headlines. There are still people out there with dementia, cancer, heart disease, people are still having accidents, ladies having babies. The NHS is there for us all.

Thursday nights at 8pm, here in the UK, is our opportunity to clap as loud as we can, bang saucepans, cheer and shout a big THANK YOU to all those superheroes in the NHS. It's an emotional couple of minutes out of our lives to show our appreciation for this incredible bunch of people.

(Copyright Jane Clempson)

I have created this FREE colouring page which I will stick in my window to show my never ending gratitude to the NHS.
If you'd like to print off a copy and show your appreciation too then you are more than welcome to. You should be able to click on the black & white image, save to your computer and print off on an A4 piece of paper or card, ready to colour. Send me a photo of your coloured image in situ and feel free to share this post with your friends if you think they'd like to join in too. 

Please use the #NHSFLORAL so I can find you.

Enjoy, stay safe and well xxx

***Please note this is a free image for personal home use, for printing on paper or card, colouring & showing your support to the NHS. If you wish to use it for any other purpose please contact me. ***
Thank you

Monday, 30 March 2020

The Secret Lives of Garden Bees by Jean Vernon - Book Review

Now if you're gonna Google 'all about bees' then let me save you the time. Grab yourself a copy of Jean Vernon's new book 'The Secret Lives of Garden Bees' and everything you'll ever need to know will be there and more!

The Secret Lives of Garden Bees simply oooooozes passion. 
Jean's love of bees runs, like honey (see what I did there...lol), from page to page. 
The book is a large 7 x 10 inch hardback that you'll go back to time and time again and is packed with information about the different types of bees, how to spot and how to help these precious creatures.

From bee behaviour, avoiding stings and bee rescue through to plants to grow throughout the year and bee predators, this book contains it all. There's even a section on exploding genitals....yes you read that right. Exploding genitials! Ouch!

My only criticism, from my own personal 'need' in a book that helps you to identify something, is the ease of reference via clear photos and layout. Some of the identification photos are a little blurry and I personally would have preferred every identification photo to have been from above the bee, so markings, shape & size were clear when then trying to identify a bee in my own garden. 

Minor criticism aside, I loved this book. I loved Jean's passion for bees, something that we should all have. The Secret Lives of Garden Bees is essential reading. It's an easy read book, packed with lots of information that even I didn't know about, definitely recommend!




Jean Vernon

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Spring 2020

With all the doom n' gloom in the world right now, the garden and allotment have become even more special to me. Somewhere to escape the insanity & fear every time you turn on the TV, radio or step into a supermarket. 

It's funny how some people's attitude to health & well-being have suddenly changed overnight to simply needing more 'stuff'...loo rolls, soap, canned food, pasta, water, blah, blah, blah...

Before the Coronavirus, where was the fear of all the other health conditions, that on a daily basis take so many people before their time? Why weren't people panicking then?  Why weren't people washing their hands really well or, more importantly, looking more closely at their whole well-being?

I hope none of us get this, I really do.
I hope that washing your hands and not being coughed or sneezed over keeps you safe & well.
What I hope for more than anything is that people will wake up, re-evaluate their lives, the 'preciousness' (if that's a real word) of our short time here and look at what they eat / drink / do on a daily basis. Mountains of loo roll are not the key to good health and washing your hands to the tune of Happy Birthday is only a teeny weeny part in our well-being.

I know a lot of people are being scared senseless by the news but I encourage you to step outside on a sunny, blue sky day and just breathe.

Close your eyes & listen to the birds singing. Grab a seat & soak up those ever warming sun rays. Look around and see what Mother Nature is sharing and try & clear your mind, even if it's for a few short moments. I find it a HUGE relief.

I found this little newt in a client's garden this week, playing dead. I didn't realise he was playing dead to start with. He was on his back, legs in the air, not appearing to breathe, move or blink. I felt quite sad that he hadn't made it thru' the winter so I placed him gently in a safe place & carried on working. 10 mins later I noticed the lil' bugger had moved...lol.

Back home, the pond is a bubbling mass of frogs spawn again. Such a happy time of the year listening to the frog chorus at night. The row must drive our neighbours nuts.

My final photo for today is of my one and only picking of Purple Sprouting Broccoli this winter from up the allotment. Bit of a disaster as I stupidly took off the netting thinking they would be fine, that there wouldn't be butterfly caterpillars at this time of year to eat them. I forgot about the pigeons...DOH!!!

Stay safe & sane people.
Look after your whole body and look out for others.
These are crazy, scary times but I hope to see you all on the other side. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Burpee Flower Seeds - Verbascum, African Marigold & Echinacea

Image courtesy of Burpee Europe

Allow me to introduce the stunning Verbascum 'Snowy Spires' from Burpee Seeds - Europe.
I introduced Verbascums to the Tidy Garden last year and was blown away by just how long their flowering period was, how elegant they looked and, most importantly, how much insects loved 'em.
So I'm thrilled to be trying out the beautiful 'Snowy Spires' this year. 
You can sow indoors now or straight into the garden in July / August. 
Burpee do not sell direct to the public so I have listed details of UK suppliers down below.

Image courtesy of Burpee Europe

Up next...the African Marigold 'Mission Giant Yellow'.
Now I am a HUGE fan of Marigolds...the allotment was ablaze with these fabulous flowers last year and a definite must-have, so I'm really excited to try these tall versions (24 - 36") this year. Seeds can be sown Feb / March for a fabulous summer display and the flower heads are enormous...3" double blooms!!

Image courtesy of Burpee Europe

And finally for today....Echinacea 'Sundress', NEW for 2020.
Gorgeous innit??!!
Not sure what I can really tell you about it. The picture says it all.
The Sundress is a pure white, insect magnet, standing at 65 - 75cm tall with a spread of about 75 - 85cm, flowering the year after sowing. Winter hardy and perfect in a sunny border.

You can get your seeds from the following suppliers in the UK...

Verbascum 'Snowy Spires

Nicky's Nursery
Plants of Distinction
Suttons Seeds

Marigold 'Mission Giant Yellow'

Nicky's Nursery
Plants of Distinction
Suttons Seeds

Echinacea 'Sundress'

Owls Acre Seeds
Suttons Seeds (Sept 2020)

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