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Saturday, 31 December 2011



I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of my clients and fabulous fellow gardeners I've met via the blogging community ...


A big THANK YOU also to everyone who has helped me to get 
Tidy Gardens by Jane
off the ground during this past year. I've met some wonderful people & thoroughly enjoyed working in each & every garden.
If you, or you know someone who would like a gardener too, then please get in touch.

(Details on the card above can be found here)

Monday, 19 December 2011

A Flake or Two

We had snow ... not a lot ... but enough to make everything look sugar coated.

... and before you knew it, it started to melt ...

The Ariculas are still not giving up. It's December, cold n' snowing.

It's a chilly, but beautiful season.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Stir Crazy

I'm going mad ... STIR CRAZY I TELL YOU.
How many more sleeps til' Spring?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Leaf it Out!

My neighbour has a giant Robinia tree that drops its leaves for what seems like 365 days of the year.
99.9% of the leaves and twiglets miss their garden completely on their descent to earth and fall at the end of our drive.  I normally wait until after a really windy day (the weather, not following a dodgy meal!) before embarking on a fanatical sweeping session. I think our house is situated in some kind of space vortex, as the wind normally swirls them about & deposits them into nice, neat mounds easy to pick up.
This year however, I've lost track of the number of bin-loads I've swept up and in desperation I had to resort to using a big 'sucky-up' Vacuum. I'm not a gadget gal, I'm a hands-on kinda woman but needs must. I hope no-one was watching me though as I didn't realise that the bag had blown off as I hadn't screwed it on properly and only noticed when I turned round to see shreds of leaf deposit flying behind me. I managed to fit the bag on properly and then promptly forgot to zip up the bag closed ... DOH
I'm beginning to wonder if I've chosen the right occupation.

Why can't my neighbours grow Bonzia trees like my son's Horse Chestnut (pictured above), only a dozen leaves or so each year to tidy up.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bits n' Bob 2011

Another selection of snaps from our garden that never made it to my wee bloglet earlier in the year.

 Yellow Poppies ... Grrr ... as pretty as these look, I do regret BIG TIME ever scattering these seeds around the garden. Don't be fooled by the delicate, yellow, tissue-paper appearance ... NO ... they have roots to Australia and come up EVERYWHERE ... Grrr (again)

... and relax ... now these are stunning, burnt orange-red day lilies. Still a fairly new plant and quite small but hoping for big things from this baby in the future ...


Polyanthus, these are flowering again now ...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Randoms ...

It's a funny ol' time of year, with gardens closing down for Winter, but for me there's still huge excitement and enjoyment to be found (easily pleased). I'm a bit of a 'tidy-freak' so any opportunity to clear leaves (or a leaf ... I'm a proper 'neat-freak), then I'm outside with my industrial-sized broom sweeping the street.

Here are a few random snaps of blooms from our garden this year that didn't get an 'airing' ...




Friday, 11 November 2011

Romantic Ol' Fool

My husband has always been incredibly romantic.
I recall, with affection, his rather 'drunk-sounding' proposal to me over the phone whilst on a boring training course years ago. The romance didn't end there ... NO ... there were more outpourings of love to follow. The finishing touch to his proposal was to put an engagement ring in the airing-cupboard for me to see when putting away the laundry.
His fiery passion continues all these years on ... only the other day he returned from a shopping trip with a "Cooey, I'm home ... I have flowers for you"
And there they were ... a pot of Curly Parsley ...

...  a pot of scented Basil...
Overcome with emotion, a lump in my throat, a tear in my eye, I was about to blub ...

... then these appeared.
Romantic ol' fool.

Monday, 7 November 2011

I Can Sing A Rainbow

RED and ...

YELLOW and ...

PINK and ...


PURPLE and ...
ORANGE and ...


I can see a rainbow....

But lucky for you I'm NOT going to 'Sing a Rainbow'.
All images from garden this weekend

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Communal Bathing

Should I ... Shouldn't I?
Has anyone actually tested the water?

C'Mon in ... the water's fine ...

Dive in lads ...

Woo Hoo ...

Stop Splashing ...

Hang on ... someone needs the loo ...

Spoil Sport

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hanging On In There ...

My luscious creamy yellow lupins that I got dirt cheap in the Spring are still continuing to bloom even though it's now late October.
With almost nothing left in my garden for bees to feed on, except Sedums, these final flourishes are providing a bonus autumnal treat.
And when they've finished feeding on nectar, there's some dewy puddles to quench their thirst.

Friday, 21 October 2011

It's My Birthday ... WOO HOO

Yes ... today is my birthday (21 again, ahem) and this is the excellent card my husband gave me. It's called ' A Lovely Bush ' and is available from Absolute Cards who have some brilliant cards for every occasion.
Now it's got me thinking ... maybe a bit cold now to offer a naked gardening service ...but I'm thinking ahead to next Summer ...hmmm ...what do you think?
I could wear socks if you think totally starkers is a bit too risque ...

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Flamin' 'eck ... it's cold

Autumn has def ' arrived here in Blighty.
The change in season means a change in my gardening wardrobe.
Out with the embarrassing, pink, over-sized sunhat and in with the green wellies, which on a 'normal' sized person would look ... well ...normal. When you're lacking in height (a short-arse) wellies look more like fisherman waders and the sensible green coat in a larger size for 'extra manoeuvrability' my husband said would keep me warm n' dry makes me look a cross between The Incredible Hulk & Bill Oddie.
Sheesh ... Alan Titchmarsh always looked 'hot' in the garden (pause to fantasize n' dream a while ... ) & Carol Klein always looks stylishly 'rugged'.

As if you hadn't already guessed ... I've been snapping away in the garden at spider's webs.
I went out really early when the webs were at their best covered in dewy gems and the spiders themselves were NOWHERE to be seen, tucked up warm n' dry elsewhere.

Trust me ... first sign of a spider & I would have been running for the hills.

I sat & watched a spider re-spin its web the other day (from the safety of my armchair & a thick layer of double-glazing (I hasten to add ...) and I was mesmerized as it used all 8 legs, without once tripping up, to fix the gaps with the most inticate pattern. (Hark at me getting all 'arty' ... )

Creepy ... but clever.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Have you 'See-dum'... Sorry

Lame ... I know ... but it's Me ...what jer' expect.

So ... today I bring you Sedums ... I have to admit, it's one of those plants that I've just stuck in the garden & apart from it's Spring hack & end of year chop, it get absolutely zilch attention from me ... not even a polite nod as I walk past each day.

But ... no more ... it's not 'til I got the ol' camera out & started trying to get some decent bloggy snaps that I realised that Sedums are indeed worthy of some accolade. In fact ... if they could withstand a huge hug, then that's what I'd give 'em and beg their forgiveness.

So I'm 'biggin'-up' the humble Sedum today ... take a closer look ...  take some real close-up photo's and see something really quite special.
I declare today ... "Hug a Sedum Day" ...  but NOT too tightly.
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