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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lupin Love


There's something about Lupins ... watching bees opening up the individual flower cups (avoiding the little 'pointy' bit inside), moving onto the next one & then returning to ones they've already been to. Can't they hear me yelling ..."YOU'VE DONE THAT ONE ALREADY ... IT'S EMPTY"


heidy said...

Wow Jane they're gorgeous!
Can you believe it,I did my front garden,It's not so big,but I did it!!
Thanks to you Jane!
I don't know if that is positive....lol
Hugs Heidy

Ali said...

Ooh no lupins are banned from our garden when I was little I thought the seeds were peas in a furry pod and ate them had to spend the night in hospital after having my stomach pumped!! nightmare!!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful photos and the lupins are gorgeous. Time for me to prune my roses..arrgghh...hate it..but then spring comes and away they go..

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