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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Obligatory Cat in the Garden Snap...

Getting this photo of our cat 'chilling' in the sun on now as it seems obligatory to include images of pets at some stage in a gardening blog.
This is Dusty, she's 17 years old, going on 3. Has never grown up, still behaves in that embarrassing kitten-like manner, has forgotten how to bury her 'poop' (Grr ...) and despite being a lean Puss', still eats us outta house n' home. Don't be fooled by that menacing look, she's putty in yer hands.


Chrissy said...

She's a lovely wee cat...my cat never pooed at my house...she went next door everyday...clever girl.


Butrifli said...

What a beautiful little girl! I have one that is in the same life span.. 16 going on Attitude... ha-ha-ha! But she is demanding and wants to eat every hour. (that can't happen) so she yells at us every waking sec... Oh same with the poo thing too.. It must be an age thing!! lol!

Anonymous said...

Lovely cat (and lots of lovely other things in recent posts, too, especially the nigella)... alas, I just have next door's cat to help me garden.

Found you through Blotanical - welcome!

Alistair said...

Is she a Burmese?

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