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Sunday, 21 August 2011

World Record...

Yes...it's official ... the world record for the "Most Flowers on a Single Sunflower Stem" (in our back garden) has been shattered by my son Oliver.
Previous years entries have either failed miserably to produce a stem let alone a flower but this year the record books have been smashed with a 9 ...yes...you heard right ... a 9-headed 'beast' (or freak).
OK, it's not the prettiest of creations, it will, at this rate, need builders scaffolding to keep its heavy heads aloft but an achievement in its own right.
Well done Oliver ... you win a ... (hmm...off to think of a prize)


Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Jane, Congratulations to Oliver! The birds in your garden must be very happy. P. x

Sunray Gardens said...

Hi Jane. Followed you in from Blotanical. Nice blog. Interesting Sunflower. :) I'm your new follower.
Cher Sunray Gardens

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