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Friday, 16 September 2011


We bought 3 blueberry plants last year, with the rather catchy names of July, August & September. 
Year one & 3 plants produced a small egg-cup full to the brim of 'hmmm' fruit. I say 'hmmm' fruit as this was the only word my teenage daughter could be bothered to string together whilst I waited with baited breath for a verdict after months of slaving away with rainwater, the right soil, weekly leaf stroking and plant bedtime tales. I 'googled' for a translation and this meant 'good'. I personally don't like them, so had to wait for her verdict.
Year 2 saw the demise of one of the plants, no idea which month perished as the labels were removed as apparently, according to my source, 'labels are naff'.
Mid-September (I know...already) and fruits have at last started to ripen. I shan't bother waiting for a verdict this time, I'll just bung 'em in our kids breakfast bowl & assume all's good unless I hear otherwise.

1 comment:

Bridget said...

Be careful, mine were just ripening too and some bloody creature came along and ate them. Aahhhh!

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