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Monday, 5 September 2011

Flippin' 'Eck

A couple of weeks back I wrote about a freaky Sunflower growing in our garden that my son Oliver had planted that has 9 flowers growing on a single stem. Well knock me down with a cabbage leaf & call me a burnt omelette ... I've been to check up on it today & it's got a further 5 buds appearing ... yes ... 5 buds. That'll be 14 flower heads ... that's if the gale-force wind forecast for tomorrow doesn't send it hurtling down the street.
Off to seek out the World Record for number of flowers on a single sunflower plant ... we could have a winner.


Chrissy said...

Freaky friday, how weird...I only had daffodils with twin heads...thought that was cool.


Made by Mandy said...

OOoh this is amazing. Unfortunately died. It was fine when it was inside but just wasn't hardy enough to go outside and snuffed it. I think next years I'll just start it outside and see if that works better. Never mind, we are having the fence replaced anyway so that would have been a nightmare anyhoo.

Love your gardening blog and so happy that you have made a living from something you love to do. Long may it continue :)

Love Mandy xxx

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