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Friday, 23 September 2011

Psst! Don't Tell ...

It's been a funny ol' week gardening ... I've saved a frog, cleared up two dead ones (complete with entrails which almost made me hurl), watched a short, fat, orange slug stretch itself to 5 inches long and then 'leg' it across the lawn, been 'yelled' at by an angry robin and gnarled at and slobbered on ... and those were just my clients ... JOKING
Although what I do in each garden is much the same, everyone views their garden in a different way. Some don't view it at all, it's just another place to maintain, for some it's their escape or a never ending changeable space and for others it's the opportunity to fulfil a vision.
For me ... it's an indulgence, a guilty pleasure.
Don't tell anyone I'm having the time of my life. 


Chrissy said...

My gardens were my life till we moved and ended up in this tiny flat...I had a quarter acre of gardens...then my hubby died and I totally lost interest...but lately have getting out more and more..theres hope for me yet.
Question: how many seasons can a snapdragon pop up again and flower??
Mine does this year after year...suppose its normal.Never grown them before..Very pretty..



Lyn said...

Jane, what a lovely, happy post!

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