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Thursday, 1 September 2011

To Bin or Not To Bin?

Pinch ...  Punch ... First day of September.
This is my Beetroot 'crop', it looks lush, has healthy looking leaves but that's where it ends. There are no beetroots, nothing's happened. A neighbour suggested that I planted them too late (not according to the seed packet) and that I should give up & bin them now. I did read somewhere that it can take 3 months before harvesting but not sure at what stage they will start to look slightly beetroot-shaped. Mine aren't 3 months old yet, so I'm tempted to leave them & wait...they do look pretty with their maroon-streaked leaves and they've made an effort...what do you think?


Chrissy said...

Well. I'm not the best gardner in the world Jane, but mine took 4 months for anything to happen, but I would take out every second plant, to leave a bigger gap.That worked for me...the man at the shop told me to do that, as they needed the space.Once I did...they started to bulb up.


Anonymous said...

Eat the green tops, they're delicious.

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