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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Forgive me ...
it has been several 'minutes' since my last confession. 
I couldn't stand it anymore ... 30 odd tomato plants outside the front door sagging with fruit was getting boring. It's like being stuck at traffic lights ... Red, Orange, Green, Red, Orange, Green. The little blighters were practically throwing themselves off the plants in a desperate tomato-suicidal leap to get my attention as I went by. Everytime I walked out the front door, there would be a handful on the floor waiting to trip me up or worse, be squidged under foot.
Enough was enough ... out came the scythe.
These are some of the good 'uns, there was a tray-load of 'dodgy' looking dudes that I chucked out &  I've picked another tray of 'greenies' since these snaps were taken. They're now sunning themselves indoors but there are still another half dozen plants out the back banging on the windows to come in ... Ignore them.


Butrifli said...

Oh my gosh, yummmm! Those are gorgeous. whatch gonna do with those? (I'm jealous, ha-ha-ha)(jus kiddin),(Not really!!!)but my inner voice is screaming at me saying yes I am ... Love to hear your plans on them..

Chrissy said...

Yum Yum...getting near the time for me to start making tom sauce...lovely crop you have there Jane..whats going to happen to them??


Chrissy said...

Oh! did you see on my blog...I did my garden out the front, the neighbours were so impressed they didnt even notice...how could you not notice weeds up to the windows nearly...well not really, but they were not nice...I'm happy...now for the plants...love that bit.


Made by Mandy said...

MMmmmm, jealous.com

They look lovely Jane and I definitely want to grow some next year :)

You clever gardener you

Love Mandy xxx

Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

I wish I was near and could have your extras. Mine didn't do well this year.

Mark Willis said...

I take it you know how to make tomato sauce?? If not, I published a blogpost on the subject yesterday, which you might like to look at...
I was attracted to your blog by its title - I am a person who like to keep the garden neat and tidy too.

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