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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Communal Bathing

Should I ... Shouldn't I?
Has anyone actually tested the water?

C'Mon in ... the water's fine ...

Dive in lads ...

Woo Hoo ...

Stop Splashing ...

Hang on ... someone needs the loo ...

Spoil Sport

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hanging On In There ...

My luscious creamy yellow lupins that I got dirt cheap in the Spring are still continuing to bloom even though it's now late October.
With almost nothing left in my garden for bees to feed on, except Sedums, these final flourishes are providing a bonus autumnal treat.
And when they've finished feeding on nectar, there's some dewy puddles to quench their thirst.

Friday, 21 October 2011

It's My Birthday ... WOO HOO

Yes ... today is my birthday (21 again, ahem) and this is the excellent card my husband gave me. It's called ' A Lovely Bush ' and is available from Absolute Cards who have some brilliant cards for every occasion.
Now it's got me thinking ... maybe a bit cold now to offer a naked gardening service ...but I'm thinking ahead to next Summer ...hmmm ...what do you think?
I could wear socks if you think totally starkers is a bit too risque ...

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Flamin' 'eck ... it's cold

Autumn has def ' arrived here in Blighty.
The change in season means a change in my gardening wardrobe.
Out with the embarrassing, pink, over-sized sunhat and in with the green wellies, which on a 'normal' sized person would look ... well ...normal. When you're lacking in height (a short-arse) wellies look more like fisherman waders and the sensible green coat in a larger size for 'extra manoeuvrability' my husband said would keep me warm n' dry makes me look a cross between The Incredible Hulk & Bill Oddie.
Sheesh ... Alan Titchmarsh always looked 'hot' in the garden (pause to fantasize n' dream a while ... ) & Carol Klein always looks stylishly 'rugged'.

As if you hadn't already guessed ... I've been snapping away in the garden at spider's webs.
I went out really early when the webs were at their best covered in dewy gems and the spiders themselves were NOWHERE to be seen, tucked up warm n' dry elsewhere.

Trust me ... first sign of a spider & I would have been running for the hills.

I sat & watched a spider re-spin its web the other day (from the safety of my armchair & a thick layer of double-glazing (I hasten to add ...) and I was mesmerized as it used all 8 legs, without once tripping up, to fix the gaps with the most inticate pattern. (Hark at me getting all 'arty' ... )

Creepy ... but clever.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Have you 'See-dum'... Sorry

Lame ... I know ... but it's Me ...what jer' expect.

So ... today I bring you Sedums ... I have to admit, it's one of those plants that I've just stuck in the garden & apart from it's Spring hack & end of year chop, it get absolutely zilch attention from me ... not even a polite nod as I walk past each day.

But ... no more ... it's not 'til I got the ol' camera out & started trying to get some decent bloggy snaps that I realised that Sedums are indeed worthy of some accolade. In fact ... if they could withstand a huge hug, then that's what I'd give 'em and beg their forgiveness.

So I'm 'biggin'-up' the humble Sedum today ... take a closer look ...  take some real close-up photo's and see something really quite special.
I declare today ... "Hug a Sedum Day" ...  but NOT too tightly.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Buy One ... Get A Zillion Free

Well ... at least that's what I'm hoping for.
Usually these fabulously big Alliums disappear in our garden during the much awaited flowering stage. I say 'disappear' but I'm beginning to think they're either accidently pruned by a 'Secateur-Possessed-Maniac' or deheaded during a frantic game of football.
This year, just one has survived the rigour of family life and managed to stand like a giant star in the flower-bed. Threats of death (or worse) if anyone so much as looks at it, let alone touches it, seem to have done the trick and it's now produced loads of seeds ready for me to sow.
I have no idea if they'll come to anything but isn't that half the pleasure of gardening.
Another week of tidying gardens beckons, have a great one ...   :0)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Take One Tiny Flower ...

... and multiply it by squillions ...

Ta .. Da!
The Gaura is the most stunning of perennials. I bought this one last summer, it was quite small at the time, but look at it now. It's 4 times the size, neat appearance and still flowering its flamin' socks off. I'm not quite sure which variety it is as I'm guilty of 'label lobbing' (I must break this habit & keep notes), it has reddy, green stems and the flowers just look like flimsy, delicate butterflies ... I love it!
It is officially The Weekend ... whatever you're doing ...have a great one.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Staff Training ...

In a moment of madness I asked my other-half if he would like to join me in my wee gardening enterprise. Being the mad fool that he is AND the sadistic maniac that I am, I set him a series of tasks in the garden to complete in order for me to view his credentials and stamina. (This was also a secret ploy by me to get out of 'doing' our garden this weekend ... haha).
Firstly I gave him a pair of seceteurs ... WRONG ... nothing will need pruning for SEVERAL years now.
Secondly, I asked him to remove, by gently 'twisting', the cooking apples from the tree. One BIG STICK and a series of hefty blows & they are 'removed'
Thirdly, I gave him the lawn mower ... now on this task I could see potential, although by the look on his face, the sweat pouring from his brow and the obvious dislocation of discs in his lower back, I'm not really sure that he's cut out for gardening as a career move.
The final straw was when he refused to wear the obligatory pink T-shirt & embarrassing hat for hot weather ... (Pah ... the one he bought for me).
It's probably safer for everyone if I work alone.
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