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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Flamin' 'eck ... it's cold

Autumn has def ' arrived here in Blighty.
The change in season means a change in my gardening wardrobe.
Out with the embarrassing, pink, over-sized sunhat and in with the green wellies, which on a 'normal' sized person would look ... well ...normal. When you're lacking in height (a short-arse) wellies look more like fisherman waders and the sensible green coat in a larger size for 'extra manoeuvrability' my husband said would keep me warm n' dry makes me look a cross between The Incredible Hulk & Bill Oddie.
Sheesh ... Alan Titchmarsh always looked 'hot' in the garden (pause to fantasize n' dream a while ... ) & Carol Klein always looks stylishly 'rugged'.

As if you hadn't already guessed ... I've been snapping away in the garden at spider's webs.
I went out really early when the webs were at their best covered in dewy gems and the spiders themselves were NOWHERE to be seen, tucked up warm n' dry elsewhere.

Trust me ... first sign of a spider & I would have been running for the hills.

I sat & watched a spider re-spin its web the other day (from the safety of my armchair & a thick layer of double-glazing (I hasten to add ...) and I was mesmerized as it used all 8 legs, without once tripping up, to fix the gaps with the most inticate pattern. (Hark at me getting all 'arty' ... )

Creepy ... but clever.


elaine said...

Lovely shots - I haven't found any webs in the garden, perhaps the spiders are camera-shy.

HolleyGarden said...

Love the spider web shots. I just got some new short wellies - they call them "sloggers". I was quite proud of them. My husband just rolled his eyes!

Indie said...

Wow, love the pics!! Those are so cool with the water droplets on them.

Now that it's cold, my gardening shoes change from cheap flip-flops to totally worn sneakers - no garden fashion going on over here either, sadly!

ankle wellies said...

Love the spider web shots!

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