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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Staff Training ...

In a moment of madness I asked my other-half if he would like to join me in my wee gardening enterprise. Being the mad fool that he is AND the sadistic maniac that I am, I set him a series of tasks in the garden to complete in order for me to view his credentials and stamina. (This was also a secret ploy by me to get out of 'doing' our garden this weekend ... haha).
Firstly I gave him a pair of seceteurs ... WRONG ... nothing will need pruning for SEVERAL years now.
Secondly, I asked him to remove, by gently 'twisting', the cooking apples from the tree. One BIG STICK and a series of hefty blows & they are 'removed'
Thirdly, I gave him the lawn mower ... now on this task I could see potential, although by the look on his face, the sweat pouring from his brow and the obvious dislocation of discs in his lower back, I'm not really sure that he's cut out for gardening as a career move.
The final straw was when he refused to wear the obligatory pink T-shirt & embarrassing hat for hot weather ... (Pah ... the one he bought for me).
It's probably safer for everyone if I work alone.


Chrissy said...

Bless him...lol..he looks like he's doing his best...aha!!..but they are cleverer than we think..they mess up so we wont ask again...I had one of those.. but he wasn't clever enough, I made sure the challenges for that one was demolition...he couldn't do that wrong...could he???


Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

It is always a risk when you get husband's involved--never give them power equipment.

Lyn said...

That's so funny, Jane. Clearly he must have other, non-gardening qualities that make it worth keeping him!

Christina said...

giving anything that cuts to a man is always a problem. They don't understand about the natural form of a plant and tey certainly don't know when to stop. I should persevere with the mowing, less likely to caause harm. A fun post, it made me smile. Christina

Indie said...

Haha, that's funny!
Maybe it's good that my husband is allergic to the outdoors - all pruning is left to my discretion!

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