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Monday, 21 November 2011

Randoms ...

It's a funny ol' time of year, with gardens closing down for Winter, but for me there's still huge excitement and enjoyment to be found (easily pleased). I'm a bit of a 'tidy-freak' so any opportunity to clear leaves (or a leaf ... I'm a proper 'neat-freak), then I'm outside with my industrial-sized broom sweeping the street.

Here are a few random snaps of blooms from our garden this year that didn't get an 'airing' ...





Mina said...

wow stunning photos Jane...your first one is my fav though...I so love poppies in any colours at all, they are such beautiful flowers
Mina xxx

HolleyGarden said...

haha - Cute post! I, too, am easily pleased. But I am no neat freak! I could just picture you with a giant sized broom raking one little leaf! Pretty flower pictures, too.

organic Agriculture said...

Really such a beautiful post with fragrant look

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