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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Leaf it Out!

My neighbour has a giant Robinia tree that drops its leaves for what seems like 365 days of the year.
99.9% of the leaves and twiglets miss their garden completely on their descent to earth and fall at the end of our drive.  I normally wait until after a really windy day (the weather, not following a dodgy meal!) before embarking on a fanatical sweeping session. I think our house is situated in some kind of space vortex, as the wind normally swirls them about & deposits them into nice, neat mounds easy to pick up.
This year however, I've lost track of the number of bin-loads I've swept up and in desperation I had to resort to using a big 'sucky-up' Vacuum. I'm not a gadget gal, I'm a hands-on kinda woman but needs must. I hope no-one was watching me though as I didn't realise that the bag had blown off as I hadn't screwed it on properly and only noticed when I turned round to see shreds of leaf deposit flying behind me. I managed to fit the bag on properly and then promptly forgot to zip up the bag closed ... DOH
I'm beginning to wonder if I've chosen the right occupation.

Why can't my neighbours grow Bonzia trees like my son's Horse Chestnut (pictured above), only a dozen leaves or so each year to tidy up.


Anonymous said...

I thought these things only happened to me. It's nice to know I'm in good company.

elaine said...

My beloved will only do garden jobs if a gadget is involved - hence we have a shedful - I must admit the leaf hoover saves a lot of work.

Karen Chapman said...

Funny! I have three Robinia (Pseudoacacia 'Frisia')and will buy another two in spring, but keep all the leaves to myself! My all time favorite tree.

Indie said...

Sounds like something I would do, too! We have the problem where the wind will always seem to blow the leaves off from the curb back onto our lawn. A never ending cycle!

Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

Sounds very frustrating, but the picture you paint was funny.

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