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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year Everyone

I just love the build up to Christmas & the day itself ... but once it's over I always feel a bit deflated & want to pack away the cards n' decorations and get back outside (I know, what a Bah-Humbug)
I did resist until today and now the cards are down and chopped up into next years gift-tags.
Whilst everyone else seemed to opening up iPads on Christmas Day, much beloved romantically bought me a 'kneePad' ... hmpfh. But the romance didn't end there ... oh no ... I also got a patio / decking wire broom (I can feel your envy) ... and ... wait for it ...... a new garden Dibber.
Who said the romance is gone.
I've just made this acorn leaf birthday card for a friends dad. Now I'm really itching to go out & start pottering in the garden. It's been so mild here, we don't seem to have gone through that dirty &  miserable wintery stage outside yet. In fact, it's looking positively Spring-like and I already have a few blooms.

Anyway, it's a New Year and I hope all your gardening dreams for 2012 come true.


Chrissy said...

I am so green with envy..you lucky girl getting a knee pad.. AND...a wire broom..I mean..you are just so blessed to have that much romance in your life...then to top if off you get a garden dibber...whatever that is, but just so darn lucky...hmpfh..who needs an ipads..not me, I still struggle with txting...and dont even start me with the computer..I turn it on and post my cards..what else is there...

Love your acorn card, lovely colours,


Ali said...

Am sure you'll get a lot of use out of your new bits (lol) great card - Happy New Year hun p.s. my decs came down yesterday but left with a naked tree with just lights on 'cos its my hubbys job to dismantle it but he's at work - oops didnt think of that when I stripped it - doh!

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Jayne, I did get an iPad from my son, but the gifts from my husband were similar to yours. Love 'em anyway. Have a happy and healthy 2012! P. x

Indie said...

Haha, kneePad.. I'm surprised my husband didn't come up with something like that!

And a broom and Dibber! I had to actually look up what a dibber was. (I am not as sophisticated a gardener as you.) Your husband buying you garden tools that some people have never even heard of - how lucky you are! Have fun with your new garden tools :)

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