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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pretty In Pink

Like something from a scary movie ...

Sneaking up on you ...

Fear not ... it's the simply gorgeous, way under-rated Christmas Cactus
Churned out year in, year out by DIY stores.
But take a closer look ...  a real close look.
This is ours, it actually shares the pot with a white / pale pink version. I neglected it for years, left it in a corner, over-watered it, under-watered it. Never gave it a second glance. It's leaves turned red, I think screaming out in its own silent way for attention.
I heard its pleas, repotted it with fresh soil ... said 'sorry' and waited.
This was my reward.
As dainty, as detailed, as stunning as any expensive orchid.


elaine said...

I used to have quite a large one of these a few years ago but it went all limp - it had been mistreated for years. I have never bothered since, but seeing your pics has inspired me to get another - maybe!

Debra said...

Jane, I LOVED this post. What a unique idea.

I have been much like you with my Christmas cactus and yet it continues to reward me with beautiful flowers each season.

"Christmas" seems to be a perfect name for this plant which gives much while asking little in return.

Alistair said...

Jane, your cactus is something like myself, thrives on neglect, but don't tell Myra I said that.

Anonymous said...

I agree -- the Christmas cactus deserves special consideration. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Cheers!

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