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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Droopy in the Garden

Behold ... A Crocus (singular).
At last ... a vision of Spring, a taste of things to come, albeit a droopy one (the flower, not the season). Think the weight of last weeks snow has taken its toll on this poor chap and I guess once the birds feast their eyes on it, it'll soon be a nibbled 'goner. Such a shame after all the effort to get here.

Meanwhile, the Hellebores are flowering their droopy heads off. This is a stunning pinky / white variety (sorry no idea which) but it has that delicious ice-cream feel about it.

At last my seed compost bags have finally thawed out, time to get planting, there's lots of life appearing in the garden ...so exciting.


HolleyGarden said...

Isn't is exciting to see the first crocus bloom? It really feels like spring then! Beautiful hellebore!

Alistair said...

Great Hellebores Jane, pity about the poor crocus.

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