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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nooks n' Crannies

Mind-Your-Own-Business / Baby's Tears
When I first saw this ground hugging plant growing naturally at a garden centre, I marvelled at how beautifully it hugged the paths and crept over rocks surrounding a pond. Little did I know that if you stand still long enough you too will be completely covered in the stuff. Ok .... Ok .... it does cover stubborn areas of garden but it will also smother everything in its path including other plants to almost suffocation point if it's not restrained from time to time. (Didn't mention that did you nursery staff as I handed over my cash ... GRRR) 

I'm quite a moss fan for filling nooks n' crannies. Having 'googled' moss to find out what its official name is and found there are trillions of varieties (give or take) I'm not able to tell you what one this one is. In fact on closer inspection, there are several species here .... like a minature forest.

I'm so pleased this little fella has decided to take root here. It's a small, neat,clump-forming variety with purple trumpet flowers later in the year. Can't get enough of this plant which is why you'll find all over our garden.


HolleyGarden said...

I was pulling out weeds from my stone wall's nooks and crannies the other day and thought it would be nice to put some actual plants there. Thanks for some suggestions, and for the warning on the baby's tears!

Indie said...

Baby's tears are so cute, too, with such an innocent name! They should have called it something more apt like colic..

Alistair said...

More like invading everyone else's business. However methinks you are fit for it.

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