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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Choose Your 'Anemones' Wisely

Blue Anemone (Winter Windflower)
Way too warm & sunny out to be stuck indoors tied to the 'confuser' so I won't keep you.
These delicate Wind Anemones are making a welcome reappearence in the Tidy Garden. 
It arrives each Spring without fanfare, no fuss or bother. Ours provides a carpet of colour under a miniature Acer during its twiggy phase. And when its work is done, it quietly slips back under the soil until the following Spring.
 Not sure how much longer this warm spell is due to last but enjoy your week everyone.


Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

I wish these grew wild in my garden - I struggle to get them to naturalize in mine but I prefer the blue ones to the more washed out pink ones.

Alistair said...

I also have those blue anemones Jane, your right they never let you down unlike half of my daffs which are blind. I suppose tidy Al was too concerned that his garden was not so very tidy and of course you know what I did. Thats me also finished with the confusor, off to paint the fence.

Indie said...

Ahh windflowers.. how I wish you were in my garden! Alas you are not, thanks to some of those fleet-footed rascals that are stealing me blind! Those squirrels stole every last windflower bulb that I planted a couple years ago...

Things haven't changed much in the Red House garden, as you can see!

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