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Thursday, 15 March 2012

It's a Frog's Life

Think this pretty much sums up my mood today ... NO ... not up to my neck in pond weed.
I'm stripped 'up to' my ankles soaking in the warm rays of Spring sunshine with a smile as wide as this frogs on my chops.

A successful week gardening, despite arm-wrestling a selection of vicious rose bushes and the resulting blood-transfusion required, I did manage to create 2 beautifully tidied gardens (if I do say so myself).

And to top it all, we have this most handsome / beautiful of frogs in the small pond, wearing a very fashionable chocolate, brown outfit with black spots ... so 2012. He / she just sits there ... smiling gormlessly at me ... doesn't bat an eyelid either when I stroke its head. We are in tune with each other ... in a gormless way.
No ... I'm NOT going to kiss it ... we're just good friends.


Crystal said...

What a lovely frog. Does it really let you stroke it? The ones in my garden are much more timid.

Ali said...

Nope just not my thaing!! I think its since I drove over one (by accident I hasten to add!!) and it went POP!

HolleyGarden said...

I've been hearing frogs, and actually saw one the other day, but he just jumped away from me. Wish mine was trained like yours! I can't believe he lets you stroke his head! He must be in love! Or, determined not to give up his pond!

Indie said...

Communing with frogs are we? I don't know, between petting them and giving them fashion advice, maybe you've had a little much sun out there.. ;)

But really that is a great pic of quite a dapper frog!

Alistair said...

Hi Jane, frogs also turned up in our garden last week. The eggs, spawn, tapioca, whatever is in the same spot of the pond every year, perhaps that is because it is not much larger than a puddle. I was thinking if at times you cant think what to blog about, I am sure your followers would like to see pictures of the gardens which you care for.

Kevin said...

I was wondering: Do you tidy up other gardens as well? Hope you and your Prince Charming and your frog enjoy the coming Spring.

Butrifli said...

What a wonderful added member to your garden... I am very envious of you and your froggy relationship... I though already have my prince it would be nice to have that side friendship thing like you have! Happy Gardening!

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