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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rambling Rose Exfoliator - Coz You're Worth It

It's not a well known fact that the common-garden Rambling Rose is an alternative to expensive shop-bought exfoliators.
Up until this morning I had no idea about its other uses ..... I merely saw it as a cascading, flowery thing of beauty. But, my friends, put your pennies back in your fancy purses, cast aside those Cliniques, Clarins & Santuary Spa containers that take up valuable space on the bathroom window-cill and behold a new kid on the dead-skin-removal block.

Step1. Take one million year old ultra thorny Rambling Rose that has rambled over the fence into an alleyway to flower its pretty head off to passers-by.
Step 2. Take one client who wants said evil thorny Rambling Rose back in their garden being all pretty rather than in the alleyway.
Step 3. Spend 2 hours pruning a ton of deceased skin-shredding Rambling Rose branches in alleyway & squeeze it all in to a small wheelie-bin.
Step 4. Hoick remaining spiteful live stems back over fence and spend further 30 mins tying prickly under-control Rambling Rose back to clients trellis.
The result ..... happy client and ....
.....  2 ultra-deep exfoliated arms (only 1 arm shown for demonstration purposes .... plus it's impossible to take a photo when both arms are busy)
(Pool of blood on floor & T-shirt not shown  ..... lol)
Showering after this kind of exfoliating is NOT recommended...better to stink.


Chrissy said...

OUCH!!! I feel your pain...loads of vaseline on these should take the sting out...


elaine said...

Ouch - that looks sore - those rose thorns are evil - how can something as lovely as a rose be so wicked.

elaine said...

p.s. clicked on to your Twitter button - it says 'user not found'

HolleyGarden said...

Now when I get all scratched up, I'll be grateful! (Maybe) And I'll be able to tell everyone that looks at me oddly that I've been to the spa! :)

Indie said...

Exactly why I've been combing through a David Austin catalog the past week - I really must get something done about this rough skin!

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