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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lazy Hazy Days of...February

Back in the Summer of February 2012, in the days before hosepipe bans and 24 hour rainfall, the sun shone, the garden warmed up & the Ladybirds arrived.

For some, the barmy temperatures of Feb' were too much, seeking a shady spot in the mid-day sun.

For others, it was an opportunity to meet up with old friends...

...and snack at the local aphid cafe.

Other, less sociable types laid down their towels and soaked up the suns rays,

while those, clearly in need of new glasses, hugged leaves and made polite one-way conversation.

The adrenaline-junkie Ladybird psyched itself up for a nose-dive into the abyss below.

These photos were taken prior to the ladybirds seeking sanctuary in the Ark that I have been constructing.
With all the rain we've had, since the inroduction of the hosepipe ban, the need for drought-tolerant plants has diminished...I'm considering a line in aquatic garden plants for the under-water world that I think is the future.
Anyone got Kevin Costner's number?


elaine rickett said...

Hee hee - nice one Jane - ah those were the days - if you get Kevins' no. let me know - I saw him first.

Crystal said...

That was brilliant. Loved it. Had a delivery of plants yesterday. Yes, drought-tolerant ones. Just watering them in at the moment, literally.

Martin Neill said...

Glug glug...very entertaining post!

Beth @ Daylily Soup said...

Hi Jane. This was great ... made me laugh. Darn it! I lost Kevin Costner's number. If I find it, I'll send it right over though. lol

David Marsden said...

Kevin's right here at the moment - I'll get him to call you. I'm not really in need of new glasses but hug leaves and hold one way conversations regularly. As indeed, he tells me, does Kevin.

Kevin said...

Jane, I just had dinner with Kevin, and I sent him your regards. He looks great -- and he's agreed to re-create a "Dances With Wolves" moment for me to I can have some rain. :)

The Gardening Shoe said...

A very funny post - it made Kevin and I giggle.

Alistair said...

Great pictures and storytelling Jane, but if I recall correctly, wasn't that movie a washout. (movie, get me!)

Indie said...

Ha, very cute. All those ladybugs should float on over here on that ark - our deluge seems to be over, but now we have a plague of aphids!

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