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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Are We There Yet?

Have spent the afternoon with Mr TG tending our own piece of the planet. Pots have been earthed up & positioned ready for the flower & veg' seedlings that are chomping at the bit indoors. With temperatures set to plummet below freezing tonight, they'll have to stay inside a while longer. The tomatoes & runner-beans are already in pots in the shed, the beans were strangling us a we watched TV so it was time to go.
The Spireas are looking fabulous providing a splash of colour...everything's going mad having soaked up 3 weeks of Spring rain.

 The herbs are beginning to poke through & the strawberry plants have flowers already.

 C'Mon Summer!


elaine said...

Your garden is looking fab Jane - it is a credit to you. I know the rain has helped no end - but just think what the results would have been like if it was warm as well.

David Marsden said...

Eeek. Below freezing? I hope not - I've just planted out tons of tender stuff into the tropical bed. Oh dear!

Susan said...

We were down to zero last night, but this is Canada. Is this unusually cold for you? It snowed yesterday too, my fault as I was planning to plant some pansies.

Crystal said...

I think the answer to your question is no. We had summer in March, remember ? But it'll be back, hopefully. June, perhaps ?

Unknown said...

I think your garden is looking beautiful!

Bethany Benton Art said...

Hi Jane,
Your garden looks beautiful in the photos. Glad you got those misbehaving beans out of the house before someone got hurt. Wishing you warm weather! :-)

Indie said...

No, not summer! I can't take the 90 degree heat anymore, and it's only May!

Though below freezing - that would qualify as winter in my parts. You should say, c'mon Spring!

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