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Friday, 18 May 2012

Tiarella Spring Symphony

This is our, or I should say, Mr TG's 'Tiarella Spring Symphony'.
I call it the gravestone plant as when we revamped the garden with purple slate we bought some larger pieces to dot around one of the flowerbeds and one was shaped like a headstone & positioned so it looks like we've buried someone under the apple tree.
Mr TG thought his beloved plant would look lovely against the purple slate backdrop. I think it looks like we laid flowers on the grave of someone we've buried under the apple tree!!

That said, it is a stunning little flower (also know as the Foam Flower because of its frothy heads...and the gravestone plant. Did I mention that?) Despite the label stating a shady spot, I'm a rule breaker and ours is in full sun and has performed brilliantly for a few years now. (Maybe that gravestone casts the odd shadow?)

The leaves are pretty too, staying nicely neat & tidy.
You can't beat a plant that just gets on with it...no fuss!
Now...can't stop...I have a headstone to buff!
Have a groovy gardening weekend.


Lyn said...

It does look pretty. I've never grown Tiarella, and I think the leaves look as though they wouldn't stand up well to our summer heat and dryness. But pretty, very pretty.

elaine said...

A lovely plant Jane I had a tiarella last year but it disappeared over winter - shame.

Butrifli said...

Jane, What kind of flowers are those again? I absolutely love them! They remind me of something that I can't quite place at the moment!

Happy Gardening!

unikorna said...

This astonishing poetic flower has a strange story indeed. It's very beautiful and sad at the same time considering its ..favorite place to sprite.

Bethany Benton Art said...

This is a beautiful flower; I've never seen one before. What a touch of whimsy with the headstone! Tell me, do you have someone buried under the apple tree? ;-)

David Marsden said...

Oooh, you've come over all blue!! Not a plant I know at all Jane - very pretty though! D

Crystal said...

I once grew Tiarella in dense shade and it hardly flowered at all. I might try it again in a sunnier spot next time.
As for what's under the apple tree, sounds like a Midsomer Murder to me. Been watching too much telly.

Indie said...

Haha, how funny! Well, you'll be all set and decorated for Halloween, right?

Men. (shaking head and sighing)
My husband is still convinced we have room to squeeze in a giant weeping willow or redwood tree among all the other trees he's already gotten me to plant in the yard (which are all going to grow into monster trees).

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