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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Unimaginable Excitement

Their is huge excitement in the Tidy Garden today.
As mentioned in my previous post this week (here), I'm having a go at growing cucumbers this year.
I expected a high failure rate just getting the seeds to germinate, so planted several thousand (give or take). Each & every one has taken and thanks to some inspiration from Virginia over at Tangent Gardening, my trellis seems to holding.

But here's what's got me all excited today....a flower...yes, a flower & behind it a baby cucumber, my first ever!! (easily pleased me).
Admittedly, it doesn't look that inviting at the mo', being quite spikey, but it is only 1cm long.
So I'm employing armed-security guards, a pack of rottweilers & a swat team to watch over my little treasure as it hopefully develops.

(This is the Marketmore 76 variety in case you're interested)


elaine said...

Hurrah for cucumbers - I grew marketmore last year - they are very prolific and best peeled unless you want to puncture your insides - very tasty though. Well done

Butrifli said...

All the hard work you did... It is so invigorating! Yes! By the way, blush! I am most honored to help in some way! xxx

P.S. Isn't it cute!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I can taste the cucumber salad already. I'll be over with a fork.

Indie said...

We have the opposite problem - even though we might only have one or two cucumber plants, it's always too many. Mr. Red House is the only one who eats cucumbers, and he never keeps up with the supply. Meanwhile the cucumbers always end up escaping the trellis and trying to stitch themselves into our screened in porch. As we speak, I have a giant cucumber sitting uneaten in my kitchen.

Why can't the raspberry bushes and green beans grow as well as the cucumbers and random spicy peppers that my husband buys? Anyway, hope your cucumbers grow as well as mine! (And be careful of what you wish for!)

Mark and Gaz said...

Congratutions, lets hope its the first of many!

Gaz: Alternative Eden

David Marsden said...

Hooray! Big congrats on your new arrival. There is something particularly satisfying about growing cucumbers. Hooray! (You might, just might, be overdoing the security arrangements)? D

Bethany Benton Art said...

Awww, cute baby picture of your first cucumber. Congratulations! Glad you called in the security. :-)

Crystal said...

Congratulations, great news. Don't let it get too overcrowded though, you know with all those security guards.

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