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Friday, 8 June 2012

Business Name Change

In light of the horrendous gale force winds that have swept across dear ol' Blighty over the past 24 hours, I doubt any of my clients will have fences, sheds, let alone plants left in the garden. Henceforth I am considering a business name change from 'Tidy Gardens by Jane' to 'Jane's Windy Garden Retrieval Service' for anyone whose garden is no longer in its original location (eg.not outside the back door where they left it).
Meanwhile, here's a picture of some Lupins from the Tidy Garden last week prior to the sun-umbrella & heavy metal stand crashing down on them this morning!! (wipes tear from eye...)


Bethany Benton Art said...

Oh, the Lupins are absolutely beautiful in the photo! I am absolutely sick for you to hear about the crash on them. I can just imagine how disappointed you were. Why can't this type of weather restrain itself until non gardening season? On a lighter note, I do like the proposed name change for your business. :-)

Renee B. said...

Oh no,how sad about your lupins! They were beautiful while they lasted!!

Crystal said...

Sorry to hear about your lupins. They looked lovely.
Will your clients have to fit Sat Navs to their gardens in future ?

Lyn said...

So sorry to hear about the horrendous weather. The Lupins look(ed) pretty, though.

Butrifli said...

Oh no! When the storm come through here, there is always something that was just beautiful, destoyed in a blink of an eye... The lupins were just fabulous... At least you have the picture for proof of glory.. Hope all will be right again...xxx

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