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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


It's hard to pick a fav' plant from the Tidy Garden at the moment without upsetting one of them.
Everything is performing (except the Peony...grrr), but as I stroll around it's the Dropwort that I bought about 10 years ago that's catching my eye this week.

I bought this from a garden centre down the road that was closing down. I don't know what the attraction was at the time, knowing me...it was probably the price...if it's cheap or slightly sad looking I'll give it a go.

I knew nothing about Dropwort back then but boy did I discover a cracker!
It's a native perennial wildflower found on chalk & limestone downs...and in our back yard, which has zero chalk & limestone!
I only bought one tiny plant but have since divided it & poked it in various locations around the garden in full sun, shade, good soil and atrocious soil (if you can call it soil at all), even pots.

The leaves are feathery and fern-like, evergreen and clump-forming. The flowers appear as teeny pink buds on slender stems up to 2' tall before bursting like sparklers (getting all poetic now!) into hundreds of tiny flowers about 1cm across each. They flower all summer & simply need the stems snipped at the end of the year.

Another one of those plants that just does it's job, no fuss...if you buy any plant (or seeds), get a Dropwort...trust me...it is perfect in everyway.


Indie said...

Sounds like the perfect plant! And it's pretty!

Time for a stern lecture for the peony? Sometimes if I threaten to move a plant to a back corner of the garden it starts perking up..

elaine said...

Never heard of it Jane - but it looks lovely - the flowers are a bit like hawthorn aren't they. I'll be keeping my eye out for one.

David Marsden said...

Very pretty, Jane and not a plant I know. Had to google it to see that it is similar to meadowsweet - of which there's tons at the Priory. Good choice ... but lay off the poetry, eh? Thanks. D

Crystal said...

I'd never heard of it before either, so I did a google search too. Sounds like another one for my wish list.

Bethany Benton Art said...

Love the Dropwort, Jane. It's a beauty! Don't you love it when you discover something fabulous? About the peony, I thought you had it straightened out through threats and by moving it. I guess it's time to yell at it again. LOL

The Idiot said...

I wouldn't know my dropwort from my elbow. Nothing new there!

PJ Girl said...

Looks like a great plant - never heard of it either but I'll keep a look out for it!

Alistair said...

You had me there Jane, never heard of it until I did a google search. I see it is a form of Filipendula which we have in the garden. I will be looking out for Dropwort though.

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