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Friday, 29 June 2012

Pour Moi?

Nothing beats that Friday feeling other than an award!
The lovely Helene over at Graphicality-UK has kindly given me the coveted Lovely Blog Award and as always with such honours comes a whole batch of legally binding rules & regulations that must be obeyed for fear of death or worse!
Firstly I must thank my Nominator with a link back to their blog....Tick

Secondly I must reveal 7 things about myself....now I wasn't sure if this meant a seductive, strategically positioned piece of silk revealing 7 bits of me such as a shin or elbow. So I'm going to go for the safe option of more random facts for your delight & delectation. Brace yourselves....

1. I have an acute fear of flying & have been hypnotised in the past in order to actually get on a plane.
2. I'm 5'2" tall and what I lack in height I make up for in...hmmmmm...er....I'll get back to you on that one.
3. The first words that I utter each morning without fail are..."2 more minutes"
4. All time fav' song...'Are Friend's Electric' by Gary Numan
5. My fav' daughter was 15 this week which means I'm gonna have to start lying about my age.
6. Avid card-maker
7. Fav' food...lamb chop (s)

So there you go....my final task is to nominate 10 fellow bloggeroonies equally deserving of The Lovely Blog Award. I shall share with gardeners & crafters...

Have a Groovy Weekend All


elaine said...

Thank you Jane - what a lovely award - I feel humbled by your generosity! I will post about it at a later date when I have got a few hours spare. Thanks again.

Chrissy said...

Thank you so much my dear friend, I am honoured to accept...aww..gone all sentimental now...


Butrifli said...

Awe! Jane I am so surprised.. Thank you! I will get on this asap!!! You are such a Lovely Lady, and Congrats on you and your nomination... Oh, by the way the romance Mr. TG has with the lovelies, I have the same problem but it happens to be in the garage instead, LOL!!! Right under my nose too! hahaha!

Bethany Benton Art said...

Congratulations, Jane! You certainly do have one lovely blog. I so enjoyed your acceptance post. Also, thank you so much for nominating Daylily Soup. I'm flatted. Happy gardening! :-)

Kevin said...

Congratulations -- and here's another one for you.

I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. Details on the award can be found at http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/. I find myself returning to your blog over and over again for inspiration and illumination.

Jak Heath said...

Blush.... thank you lovely lady x

Crystal said...

Congratulations, Jane, and thanks for nominating me. I feel really honoured.
Hey, I like lamb chops too, and I'm bigger than you. Yes I'm a whopping 5'3" tall. Not that much taller really. In fact, on reflection, it wasn't even worth mentioning.

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