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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chuckles in the Garden

OK...so pour yourself a pint of something très alcoholic as this is an indulgent Antirrhinum post.
My bargain of the year has got to be a packet of Antirrhinum 'Chuckles' seeds purchased for the princely sum of 10p.
Also known as Snapdragons or 'bunny-ears' in my family, they provide hours of endless amusement in the garden, squeezing their little heads & providing a comedy voice-over (sadly I play this game on my own and normally just as those really nice men with the highly fashionable white 'tie-up-arms-round-the-back' coat arrive.)
Anyway...10p got me 10 zillion seeds and despite growing 1 zillion of them in a 9cm pot, each & everyone of them germinated.
They sure are tough cookies (Antirrhinums actually, but you get my drift)...having endured dreadful neglect as seedlings...under / over watering, wayyyyy too hot, wayyyyy too cold, cramming as many seeds into one pot as is 'seedingly' possible, not supporting their leggy growth, pinching out tips when label clearly said not too.
They're now everywhere, all 10 zillion of them. Come round & count if you don't believe me!
Shame there's no one to play with me....
...oh well.


Bethany Benton Art said...

What beautiful blooms, Jane! I do love snap dragons. Oh, you have those "nice men with the highly fashionable white 'tie-up-arms-round-the-back' coats" over there too? I always thought they were garden butlers. lol

elaine said...

There are some gorgeous colours there Jane - I like Snaps and a few of mine have seeded and come back this year - which is nice. I saw some really pale pink ones the other day in a white border - they looked terrific.

David Marsden said...

Ahhh. It's so nice that you have a hobby. And one that keeps you off the streets too! Dave

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