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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Several Shades of Pink

By 'eck there's been a nip in the air this week.
No need for my embarrassing pink hat anymore or layers of sun-screen...the pink fleece has now been dusted off and is poised ready for action.
Hot baths are on the menu at the end of a busy day and if I can get away with it, (when Mr TG's not looking) the heating on too.
After our 7 hour 'potter' in the garden last weekend the Tidy Garden is looking quite fresh again and looks particularly special early in the morning when the sun does shine. What we do need though is some rain just to loosen up the soil and looking at the forecast for next week that may just happen. Guess I ought to dig out the raincoat & wellies too.
Have a great weekend everyone!


elaine said...

We had a bit of rain yesterday - which will make the digging a bit easier - the ground is rock hard at the moment. I think you've abandoned me Jane - not heard from you in a while.

Unknown said...

Simply just love your luscious pink hydrangeas.

Bethany Benton Art said...

Glad you're enjoying that nip in the air, Jane. Isn't fleece a wonderful thing? Love the several shades of pink photos ... that last one is divine! X :-)

Crystal said...

Don't know about digging out the raincoat and wellies, think you might need an ark as well.

Susan said...

Enjoy your nip in the air-we have already had a frost, killing some of the more tender plants.I was away so no one to take preventative measures.
I too cut back my lupins because of bugs. The frost no doubt finished off any stragglers and the lupins are coming back nicely. Love the pink.

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