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Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Edible Tidy Garden

The arrival of the Rudbeckias & Sedums for me, marks the end of summer.
The appearance of Cyclamen flower however, at the beginning of September, is a bit alarming.
Just a few random edible and in some cases, NOT so edible shots from the Tidy Garden over the past few months.
The tomatoes had finally got going when suddenly last weekend we were hammered with blight...GRRRRR!!! We tried to salvage the back garden fruits which looked ok, but within 24 hours of picking they were riddled. So disappointing after all the time & effort. Hoping the ones growing at the front of the house will escape the disease. We lost about 10 plants.
Mr TG's Peppers are swelling but I don't honestly think they're going to make it either.
he Cucumbers have been a huge success, definitely growing more of them next year.
Small but perfectly formed.
The Calendulas have been amazing but I couldn't bring myself to chomp on them in a side-salad. It would be like eating your favourite child. Far prettier in the garden than on my plate.
The Runner Beans provided more of a windbreak in the garden this year than a meal. Nothing beats the Tidy Garden family announcing their dislike of runner beans just as you're dishing up dinner. Maybe just before I planted the seeds would have been a good time. Still, their towering structure over the summer has provided a shady spot to sit when the sun has appeared or acted as a windbreak on the more turbulent days. At least my TG clients enjoyed them.
No edible garden would be complete without a spot of cheese, and these came in the form of Miss TG's old boots. She may have outgrown them & they may have lost their heels & a set of laces but Mr TG retrieved them from the bin & created Marigold Display units!
Have a groovy week everyone...play nicely!
Thank you for all your Aphid Destruction Tips n' Tricks.
After another dousing (drowning) in organic bug killer, squishing between manly fingers, a non-organic bug killer and a damn good talking to, Mr TG has resorted to violence & chopped down our Lupins hoping that would rid us of the buggers. One week on, with new shoots appearing and like Jack Nicholson at the bathroom door with a pick-axe yelling "Heeeeeere's Johnny" they're back!!!!!!


Indie said...

Oh, no! I know you were looking forward to those tomatoes!

That is too bad about the runner beans. I sympathize - I didn't manage to cook any of our abundance okra in an edible manner over the summer (though that might be due to my failure in picking them before they got tough).

Love the boots, such an air of flair in the garden!

Bethany Benton Art said...

Hi Jane, Sorry about your loss of crops, but those cucumbers look fab! Don't blame you for being unable to eat the flowers in a salad. I can't do that either. Mr. DS and my son thought it funny to eat some of my more common daylilies early this spring ... I was HORRIFIED! Like the marigold display units ... cool!

Kevin said...

Despite the blight, everything looks lovely. Great idea with the boots!

Crystal said...

Luv dem boots. Very original.

Unknown said...

I find it hilarious the way you describe your warfare with the aphids. I too resort to elimination method by simply removing the infested part, followed by a soapy shower for the plant. Seems to work. Ladybugs are not reliable. They are often not around when you need them most.

HELENE said...

Sorry to hear about your tomatoes, I don't think you are the only one with this problem right now. As for your lupins, I have my own aphid problem right now too and here the other day I was actually wishing for some colder weather to slow down the aphids...but then again, I so enjoyed the whiff of summer we just had :-)

Lyn said...

I do like a nicely planted boot.

Janneke said...

I'm the first time here and I enjoyed reading your blog. With Lupins I always have aphid troubles and the best thing is cutting them down. Do you know these boots are like Miss Gertrude Jekyll's boots? I'm sure I saw her boots once in one of her books.
I hope you don't mind I shall follow your.

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