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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I'm Back!

Ahoy Lovers of all things Leafy n' Floral!
I'm back...albeit briefly.
Just a few snaps from the Tidy Garden of the seasons colours.
Thank goodness I caught the Acer in its prime before this mornings first frost of the autumn
The Antirrhinums may have stopped flowering but their foliage is now putting on a show alongside the lime ferns.
Our Hydrangeas have taken on their vintage look.
And the strawberry leaves are almost as lush as their summer fruits.
Will be back soon...one the leaves stop falling.


Unknown said...

Lovely Autumn colours Jane.

Ali said...

Love your pics - quick question - do you cut hydrangeas back -mine has gone for the vintage look but probably because I keep forgetting to water it - its in a pot under the canopy by the front door - oops - its looking very sorry for itself :-( x

Bethany Benton Art said...

So glad you're back, Jane. Your fall garden is just beautiful! I want that glorious Acer. Enjoyed your lovely post. xx

Casa Mariposa said...

So glad your back! Gorgeous maple! Love it's rich color. :o)

Lyn said...

I missed you! Lovely photos of your garden.

Alistair said...

Good to see you back Jane, great Autumn colour, Acer is outstanding.

Indie said...

*Waving* Good to see you, even for such a brief time! Now back to the card table with you! I expect at least a virtual card for the garden blog with all this crafty stuff you've been doing!

sharon said...

Fall in the garden!

Crystal said...

Nice to hear from you, albeit briefly. Now get back to them there cards.

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