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Friday, 22 March 2013

In the Gloom of British Weather

DSCF0011 (4)

Residents of Blighty who are still looking for spring…trust me, be patient, it’s coming.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Another Tidy Garden Makeover?

DSCF0058 (3)
The very thought of another makeover of the Tidy Garden used to send shivers down the spine of Mr TG but the other day whilst potting up some Black Grass shoots (Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'), Mr TG pointed out a ‘spiteful’ conifer that wasn’t ‘performing’. To be honest, it had become one of those plants that was just there, doing nothing, not screaming ‘look at me…I’m gorgeous!’….just sitting their shredding the limbs of passers-by with its sharp foliage.
Within seconds it was gone along with a dying Hebe and 2 Lonicera Nitida balls that I’d grown from cuttings about 100 years ago (give or take…sheesh! I’m not that old).

DSCF0095 (2)

With bare patches of soil staring back at me, a trip to the mini nursery down the road was called for. Got a whole heap of these  mixed Polys’ as a gift for Mr TG’s mum and


….a tray of these gorgeous red & white versions for us.

DSCF0098 (2)

Oh…and these too. More bulbs & Flax for Mr TG & Foxgloves for me (to go with the mass of seedlings I grew last year…ahem!)

So another makeover for 2013?
Just a ‘teeny’ one….maybe (cough!)
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