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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Re-Vamped Apple Tree Bed–Spring 2013

Following on from my post last week, I’d like to say that of all the areas of the Tidy Garden this spring that have had a makeover, this (The Apple Tree Bed) has seen the biggest. Mr TG would slap his hand (again) to his forehead, shake his head & give you one of those ‘she’s delusional’ looks while swirling the index finger on his other hand in a circular motion beside his temple.

It’s not my fault…if a job needs doing or a bed needs revamping then I’ll go whole hog into it.
Now the Apple Tree bed, so named due to the ‘Cooker’ that stands centre stage, had originally been a feature bed, lined with grey bricks & coated in purple slate. That was back in the days when most of the garden was carpeted in an annoying shaped lawn that took for ever to mow. However, when the garden underwent its major transformation back in the summer of 2010 the grassy outline disappeared & slate paths took over and slowly, over time, the feature bed merged & slowly disappeared.
Like a woman-possessed, I’ve removed all the slate from the bed and dug up almost every plant (clearly NOT the tree!), divided clumps of Black Grass, Auricula & a variety of Polyanthus, which amazingly have taken to their separation so well that they’ve rewarded us already with a whole heap (technical gardening term I’ll have you know) of new blooms…
DSCF0044 (4)

DSCF0039 (4)

Mr TG made a ‘little purchase’ or two…

DSCF0035 (4)
DSCF0036 (5)
…or 3 (ahem!) of Wind Anemone.

DSCF0052 (2)
An old Narcissus ‘Rip Van Winkle’ has made an appearance.

DSCF0041 (5)
The mini pond (a simple pebble-pool sunk into the bed) was put in several years ago and is teeming with critters & is regularly used by Mr & Mrs Blackbird to cool their feet & wash their feathers. EVERY garden should have one of these, so easy to do…a hole, a simple plastic pond (this one was about £20), a few plants…oh and water always helps…and away you go. A  top up every now and again & chop down everything at the end of the year…but for gawds sake….DON’T put fish in it…they’ll fry! (no pun intended) Let nature find its way there.

To complete the new look MR TG has indulged his passion for Geums & festooned the bed with more new plants ready for summer…a fiery profusion of orange, red & yellow…can’t wait! To complete the look I scattered a layer of well rotted manure just to hide those bits of slate I missed et Voila! That’s the Apple Tree bed this spring, back to being one of several ‘feature beds’…lots finally happening. The Japanese Anemone planted in this bed years ago is already starting to appear and what with Mr TG’s Geums…it should look A-mazing…if I say so myself!

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Beginnings…

Back Garden
The ol’ Tidy Garden Blog has been rather neglected of late while I’ve been pondering Life, The Universe & Everything. Pondering done and I’m back with a Blog & Tidy Garden make-over and the confidence to share how I garden…not necessarily how the ‘Experts’ will tell you to do things, but how it works for me in my tiny portion of the planet.
OK, after two years of ‘rambling’ it’s time to give you a map of the Tidy Garden. I’ll keep this at the top of the page as a ‘sticky post’ so you know from now on what I’m wittering on about
Eat yer heart out Joe Swift, here’s my dodgy, scale-less design of our garden. No fancy graphics or expensive computer programmes…a simple drawing with the aid of my trusty Promarkers. I think it’s quite clear, the purple circles are the slate paths around the garden and I think the rest is obvious, but please shout if it’s not.

So here’s a real-life view from the shed…

Some of the Shady Lawn ...
DSCF0089 (5)
Shady Bed

DSCF0031 (5)
Apple Tree Bed and End Bed at the back.

DSCF0015 (5)
Patio Bed…

DSCF0042 (4)
Mini Patio Bed…
DSCF0047 (6)
Pond…and finally…
DSCF0069 (5)
The Sunny Bed.
Every bed has had one of my ‘notorious’ re-vamps already this spring & these photo’s were all taken a few weeks ago, so it all looks a tad sparse, the soil rather dry & let’s face it…pretty bland. But fear not my pretties, since these snaps were taken things have come to life, spring, as we know it, has arrived. Even the ‘eyes’ staring back at me from the mini pond in the Apple Tree Bed….

DSCF0027 (2)
have come to life…


Loads going on in the Tidy Garden and now spring’s woken up my proper gardening job is keeping me uber-busy, but you won’t hear me complain, No Sir-ee Bob!
Lots more to post another day with more detail….watch this space…be back soon.

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Friday, 12 April 2013

The Latest Tidy Garden Make-Over

Well spring finally arrived in Blighty this week (well…on Wednesday anyway). The sun came out & you could hear the garden yawning & stretching its leafy limbs as it started to wake from its extended winter slumber. It was a fabulous warm, sunny day but by the evening it was all over as rain arrived & it’s not stopped since.
But I thought I’d share some images of the Tidy Garden mini-make-over that’s been going on of late.
How annoying (edited for politeness)…seems the camera’s flamin’ SD card has packed up and all of my photos have been lost!!
Meanwhile, this is what the garden would look like at midnight should you be interested…so enjoy!

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