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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Beginnings…

Back Garden
The ol’ Tidy Garden Blog has been rather neglected of late while I’ve been pondering Life, The Universe & Everything. Pondering done and I’m back with a Blog & Tidy Garden make-over and the confidence to share how I garden…not necessarily how the ‘Experts’ will tell you to do things, but how it works for me in my tiny portion of the planet.
OK, after two years of ‘rambling’ it’s time to give you a map of the Tidy Garden. I’ll keep this at the top of the page as a ‘sticky post’ so you know from now on what I’m wittering on about
Eat yer heart out Joe Swift, here’s my dodgy, scale-less design of our garden. No fancy graphics or expensive computer programmes…a simple drawing with the aid of my trusty Promarkers. I think it’s quite clear, the purple circles are the slate paths around the garden and I think the rest is obvious, but please shout if it’s not.

So here’s a real-life view from the shed…

Some of the Shady Lawn ...
DSCF0089 (5)
Shady Bed

DSCF0031 (5)
Apple Tree Bed and End Bed at the back.

DSCF0015 (5)
Patio Bed…

DSCF0042 (4)
Mini Patio Bed…
DSCF0047 (6)
Pond…and finally…
DSCF0069 (5)
The Sunny Bed.
Every bed has had one of my ‘notorious’ re-vamps already this spring & these photo’s were all taken a few weeks ago, so it all looks a tad sparse, the soil rather dry & let’s face it…pretty bland. But fear not my pretties, since these snaps were taken things have come to life, spring, as we know it, has arrived. Even the ‘eyes’ staring back at me from the mini pond in the Apple Tree Bed….

DSCF0027 (2)
have come to life…


Loads going on in the Tidy Garden and now spring’s woken up my proper gardening job is keeping me uber-busy, but you won’t hear me complain, No Sir-ee Bob!
Lots more to post another day with more detail….watch this space…be back soon.

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Ali said...

That was a quick ponder my lovely!! Lovely garden loved the photos - well up until the frogspawsn - bleugh!! Makes my two borders (the garden - not the frogs spawn) look a bit feeble - lol - glad you are ok enjoy this lovely weather and get in that there garden xxx

Tammy said...

So glad the 'ponder' is done and you're posting! I would like a seat near each garden so I can just sit and enjoy their beauty!

Lindac said...

It's good to have a ponder lol but it's good that you're back too.
Your plans are brilliant, you should see my attempt lol. The garden is looking lovely anyways but I have to admit I'd be hoiking that frogspawn out and ditching it elsewhere - I am petrified of frogs and toads and lately all I can hear everytime I got to the greenhouse is frogs and toads calling. I have to run past everytime.

Thank you for sharing


Chrissy said...

Going to be a pretty picture when the flowers come Jane, and love tadpoles...I'm just edging my new gardens with bricks at the moment, and have thinned[destroyed] lots of trees to let light and sun in...going to be nice ...one day.


Susan said...

It is so nice to see tadpoles. Lovely plan of the garden, you are quite the artist. The blog background is so appropriate-very nice.

elaine said...

I thought it had been a bit quiet - not like you at all. Nice to see the bigger picture of your garden - now we'll all know what you are talking about.

HELENE said...

Nice to see you back again, and very nice with a drawing and plan of your garden - puts everything into perspective :-)

Funny to see you got the same black window boxes as I have, I just got 4 more of them from Crowders, they were even cheaper than last time, at only £4.99 each.

Have a great gardening week-end, take care, Helene.

HolleyGarden said...

I really enjoyed seeing your garden on paper. It's always a bit hard to visualize the entire thing though just a few photographs. I'm so glad spring is finally arriving. Amazing how fast those little tadpoles have grown! The plants will be growing at the same rate soon!

Lyn said...

Love the new look of the blog, and your garden plan. With that and the photos, I now feel I know my way around your place.

Casa Mariposa said...

I also love the new look! Very fabulous! :o) I'm jealous of all your frog spawn since my pond is spwanless. I thought your drawing had been done with a cool artsy computer program. Since I have zero drawing ability, if I attempted the same thing it would look like someone had blindfolded a three year old and given her a box of markers. Not pretty at all!

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