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Friday, 12 April 2013

The Latest Tidy Garden Make-Over

Well spring finally arrived in Blighty this week (well…on Wednesday anyway). The sun came out & you could hear the garden yawning & stretching its leafy limbs as it started to wake from its extended winter slumber. It was a fabulous warm, sunny day but by the evening it was all over as rain arrived & it’s not stopped since.
But I thought I’d share some images of the Tidy Garden mini-make-over that’s been going on of late.
How annoying (edited for politeness)…seems the camera’s flamin’ SD card has packed up and all of my photos have been lost!!
Meanwhile, this is what the garden would look like at midnight should you be interested…so enjoy!


Ali said...

It looks a lot like my garden at night - hmmm very tidy!

Angie said...

Ha ha ha! Thought I was looking at your garden with my eyes closed :)

elaine said...

I am sure your garden is looking very nice in the daylight.

David Marsden said...

SD card problem? Or thumb over the lens (again)?

Bethany Benton Art said...

Hi Jane,

I tried to comment earlier but don't think it "took"; Blogger seemed to be up to trickery! Love your midnight garden photos. :-). Looking forward to the makeover pics. Glad you've had some pretty weather lately. Happy gardening! x

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