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Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Sunny n’ Shady Beds in the Tidy Garden–Spring 2013

The Tidy Garden is east facing, which means we have a shady side (perfect for us non-sun worshipping types) and a sunny side for those hoping to catch some rays.
Today’s ‘sharings’ are from a few weeks back of the Shady n’ Sunny beds. Since these photos were taken during my spring re-vamp a lot has happened but I thought I’d quickly share what it did look like. Be warned…there are images of bare soil, so turn away if you are easily offended my soil nakedness!
So we’ll start with the garage end of the Shady bed (see garden layout page)…almost too much soil nudity here for me…so let’s move on quickly…
….slightly better shot up towards the garage, last years Foxglove seedlings are filling out, Ferns unfolding, my trusty Lamium is giving us a bit o’ colour and wait….what’s that on the right hand side…a slither of sunshine.
A view down the Shady bed towards the shed…more Foxgloves, Doronicum (I divided the one plant we had into about a gazillion plantlets, give or take) and they’ve all taken so well. Our grass was edged with common house bricks about 13 years ago and they look so rustic now and not one has broken (despite warnings that they’re no good for edging lawns….hmpf!)
And finally the shed end of the Shady bed, our woodland section, where any old branches are laid for insects and other critters to hide in or nibble through. Our curly Salix is a major feature in the Tidy Garden, it’s branches providing the perfect dappled summer shade.
And now on to the Sunny bed…
DSCF0051 (5)
View from behind the apple tree, again these are all from a few weeks back. The Gunnera at the front is still in its winter slumber (I’d stay there til’ August mate…..still too cold out in May!) Favourite daughters old boots, that Mr TG recycled last year into planters, have been been planted with an Aquilegia in one & seeds (can’t remember what type) in the other.
Ranunculus have set seed but I don’t care. They’ve even turned up in pots in the front garden.
DSCF0099 (2)
In the background you’ll see 2 Palms, the offspring of our tall tree hit by the terrible snowy winter we had a couple of years ago.
Yellow Ribes, which was actually a ‘headstone’ plant for one of our cats Molly who was buried in that spot. In fact, the whole garden is a mini-burial ground for deceased pets. Archaeologist in the future will have a field day excavating the Tidy Garden.
Anyway, I wanted something special & I think the Yellow Ribe is just that.
Phlox, Snowball Viburnum (Viburnum Opulus 'Roseum') starting to form it’s snowy buds & Virburnum Carlesii at the end filling the entire garden with its sweet perfume.
So there you have it…the end of the spring re-vamp in the Tidy Garden
Or is it….mwhahahaha!
All I can say is Veg Beds….but I’ve said too much already!
Until next time ….

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Angie said...

I didnt turn away....naked soil doesnt scare me, in fact naked soil = more plants :)
Ive been considering purchasing that Yellow Ribes as ive seen a lot of it about lately. I think you have made up my mind, thank you!

Tammy said...

Such beauty and peacefulness! It must be difficult to leave the yard to go inside! Thanks for the trip, I've enjoyed it!

HELENE said...

Hi Jane, looking very nice and tidy, just as I like it! Your curly Salix is beautiful, I'd love to have one like that in my garden, except it is a bit too big for my garden :-)
Have a great week-end, take care, Helene.

Bethany Benton Art said...

Wow! The beds are looking lovely, Jane! Looks like you've been quite busy with the makeover. Ooh, the curly Salix has stolen my heart. What a beautiful tree! I enjoyed my visit. xx

Ali said...

So pretty - I love it!!! As long as they only find pet bones and not Mr TG bones!!! Any comments about new Patio areas and I'll need evidence Mr is still alive and kicking lol xx

Christine said...

Love those brick borders - I have built low walls round my patio to contain my soil with old house bricks and I just love them.
I like that little yellow daisylike flower, Doronicum I think.
Thanks for the tour, might just update my photos!!

HolleyGarden said...

I really enjoyed seeing your shady beds. To me, shade is so hard, so I liked seeing what you have planted in yours. My shade area is sooooo naked right now! Yours looks well clothed compared to mine. I love the view down the shady bed. The blue and yellow is just beautiful. I would love to have my beds edged in brick, but I'm too lazy to put them in. Perhaps one day... Good to know they hold up!

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Gorgeous Garden

elaine said...

It is nice to see everything filling out so nicely - I bought a yellow ribes last year but it hasn't flowered yet.

Casa Mariposa said...

It looks wonderful! I'm always shocked to see palm trees in England. I thought it was too cold and rainy for such tropical plants.

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