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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Tidy Garden End Bed–Spring 2013

DSCF0089 (4)
Another part of the Tidy Garden that needed a bit of an overhaul this spring was the End bed. Tree & major shrub wise it was perfect but bed wise…hmmmm….let’s fast forward shall we.
Out went 2 more hand-reared Lonicera Nitida that sat beneath the Pyracantha tree collecting dead leaves and we said adios to a slightly ropey-looking snowball Viburnham that I’d grown from a cutting yonks back.
DSCF0071 (8)
In came a Yucca transplanted from the front garden and a white Ribe was moved to the left.

DSCF0079 (4)
I dug up a huge clump of Doronicum from the Shady Bed and split it into about 30 chunks and transplanted some into this bed alongside more Polyanthus (Gold laced) ‘splittings’…

Finally, the bed has been planted with more of Mr TG’s beloved fiery coloured Geums to create a zingy end to the garden this summer. I’ve also added patches of Campanula in between to create an evergreen carpet that’ll burst into a flash of purple later in the year.

This is the birds favourite part of the garden….places to hide, drink & be fed. There’s a white Lilac (Madame Lemoine), large Choisia, a blooming Magnolia & the Pyracantha is full of sparrows.

Sunny view from above of the End bed.

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Tammy said...

Beautiful! Love the vivid colors of the new additions!

Casa Mariposa said...

It sounds like you've been busy! I find it cathartic to remove old plantings that have begun to irritate me. Your geum is very different from we call geums here but it's still a very cool plant!

HELENE said...

Looking very good! I also have a Viburnum ready for the compost bin, I have had it for 10 years and have been reluctant to bin it, but this year it's going, after it is finished flowering - it is still producing flowers, but is not a pretty plant. Out with the old, in with the new! I have already plans for what to replace it with :-)

HolleyGarden said...

Very pretty. And how wonderful to have an area for the birds. I love the bird statue, too.

Alistair said...

Garden is looking great Jane. I like the Yucca but I don't think they survive the Winter up here, well I have one in a pot, it goes in the greenhouse at the end of October.

Bethany Benton Art said...

Hi Jane! Your beds are looking lovely. The white lilac is beautiful! What is that large bird in the second to last photo? I'm not sure it it's a garden ornament or a real bird. I enjoyed the lovely tour. All the best! X :-)

Lyn said...

Your new plantings sound lovely, Jane.

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