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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tulips From…Welwyn Garden City

wgc 12
(Survivor – Pink, General de Wet – Orange, Fragrant)

I’m delighted to be able to share some images of tulips planted in one of my clients gardens last autumn.

wgc 15
There were 400 planted at the time and I must confess when I heard someone on TV a few weeks back saying ‘don’t be surprised if some tulips don’t make an appearance this spring because of the extra long winter’, well…mild PANIC set in!!!

wgc 14
(General de Wet – Orange, Fragrant, Attila – Purple)At that stage I hadn’t visited this client since planting so my return this year was with some intrepidation (….and fear that they might have thought I’d merely taken home the bulbs instead of planting them!)

wgc 2
(Apricot Beauty)But I needn’t have panicked….Mother Nature wasn’t going to let me down. OK…we had a couple of ‘mutant’ looking stems & buds but all in all I think every single one grew. And they look amazing!

wgc 3
(General de Wet – Orange, fragrant, Survivor – Pink)
They’ve mainly be grown to provide indoor cut flowers but there are so many…enough to supply the whole neighbourhood.
They look truly beautiful.
Now a question for you. We have a few tulips in the Tidy Garden that have been there for years and still pop up each year. So, do you lift or leave your tulips in?
Loads of conflicting opinions & advice out there…what works for you?
Thank you to the Edwards family for allowing me to share images from your garden.
All bulbs came from http://www.peternyssen.com/
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Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Wow stunning only tried to plant tulips once but nothing happened, so never tried again xx

Ali said...

They look great - makes my odd one or two look a bit feeble - erm I'll give the gardening advice a miss - just think... what would Carol do?? Might we see some tulips in your digi designs?????:-) xxx

Tammy said...

Positively gorgeous! Such beautiful lush colors! I'd try lifting a few and see what happens then you can tell us!

Susan said...

In Calgary our tulips survived and thrived through winter from October to April with -20C average night time temperatures. I never even thought about lifting them. I wish the garden city movement hadn't faded out. I'm lucky enough to live in a small town designed on its principles.

Indie said...

They look beautiful! I planted quite a few tulips a couple years ago at the Red House, but only one, yes ONE, tulip made an appearance in the spring. Apparently voles consider them a delicacy.

Bethany Benton Art said...

Ooh, those tulips are beautiful, Jane! If I had tulips, I would have to lift them due to our mild winters. I enjoyed your lovely post! x :-)

David Marsden said...

I think it depends on the conditions. In my old garden very old tulips came up year after year that had been planted by the previous owner (the ground was well drained). Down at the Priory great swathes of Queen of Night and Apeldoorn have failed slowly over about five years - virtually none appeared this year. But as Indie says above - there are a lot of voles down there and it is much better! But then I know many gardeners who grow them as annuals and dig them up and throw them away after they've flowered. Yours look smashing. D

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