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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Feeling Blue in the Tidy Garden

DSCF0036 (2)

Campanula (with Saxifraga London pride)
Ajuga (Bugle common name)



Grape Hyacinths

DSCF0052 (2)

Iris (in the pond)
2013-06-02 09 22 02

2013-06-02 15 58 35

Centaurea (Perennial Cornflower)

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Tammy said...

What can I say, each of your flowering plants are incredibly beautiful. I can only image how wonderful it must smell!

David Marsden said...

Not feeling very wordy today then? Lovely photos. Dave

Sarah/ Galloping Horse Garden said...

All beautiful. But surely some of these, like the ajuga, bloomed earlier? Or am I just very ignorant about the English climate and relative bloom times?

Bethany Benton Art said...

Beautiful blooms, Jane! 'Love-In-A-Mist' takes the cake for me. I enjoyed my blue tour. All the best! :-)

HELENE said...

So many pretty blue flowers, I love them all - but have none of them except irises, and they are well finished by now :-)
I would like to have some forget-me-not, but I have been a bit worried about how much they would spread. I am battling monstrous clumps of Lily-of-the-Valley all of the garden after planting 6 single plants 10 years ago, would not like to repeat the experiment, how do you contain them?

Indie said...

I have to admit, I'm not too sorry that you're feeling so blue ;) Very pretty!

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