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Friday, 14 June 2013

Tidy Garden Update

Following our spring re-vamp & the latest of addition of raised veg beds I thought it was time to share some updated snaps.
2013-06-02 09 32 41
The Patio bed is a transformation from last year. Spireas have been moved from the middle to the edges….they’re short varieties so being on the edge where we sit means you really get to appreciate & admire the amazing colours in each individual leaf. Other plants in this bed include Veronica, Auricula, Alliums, Rudbeckia, Lupins, Prunus, an Acer, Centaurea ….. sheesh … the list goes on.
Anyway, I’m chuffed to bits now with this bed…dare I say it’s perfect?
Perfect means no more plant purchases….Hmmmmm….maybe not quite perfect.
2013-06-02 16 05 39
Now the Apple tree bed is probably my fav’ bed at the moment. I dug just about everything up, removed the layer of slate that covered it & moved it all about about. Added lots more of Mr TG’s beloved Geums and divided all the Auriculas & Primulas. I could honestly sit all day & just stare at this bed.
2013-06-02 09 33 31

2013-06-02 09 29 00
The sunny bed really looks after itself. I merely deadhead & occasionally prune back but really this bed just gets on with it. It’s currently awash with Aquilegia & the bees have returned…so all good.
2013-06-02 09 33 57
Meanwhile the Shady bed is quite literally in a blaze of glory. Love how the camera picked up the sun’s rays (that or my camera’s knackered again!) The Doronicum has been flowering for about 2 months now. Daff’s, Bluebells, Hellebores & Tulips have been n’ gawn but the Doronicum is still going. Brilliant plant! The Foxgloves that I sowed last year are just beginning to open. Can’t wait to see what colours appear.
2013-06-02 16 07 55
Probably the biggest change has been in the End bed which had lost its way. Now it’s a sight to behold, if I say so myself. Icelandic Poppies, Geums and another Spirea means this bed now shouts at visitors to the Tidy Garden…’Hey! Look at me!’ and it definitely is worth a look.
bbbb 015
Of course, regular stalkers followers will know of the introduction of Square Foot (and a bit) gardening to the garden. When not staring at the Apple Tree bed you’ll find me here, stroking my seedlings, pointing excitedly at teeny shoots and checking for critters on our crops.
bbbb 016
Mr TG’s night-time, torch-lit patrolling is keeping snails at bay (darned things still manage to slither across the slate) and just a few butterfly eggs on the Caulis, otherwise so far so good. Who would think someone could get so much pleasure out of a few lengths of timber and  bags of soil. I’m easily pleased.
nursery 2
Finally, a big Thank You to Helene at Graphicality –UK for the idea for storing my cuttings & seedlings. Previously there were trays everywhere for visitors to trip over, now they’re neatly stored & poshly labelled on shelving down the other side of the house. Shelving was a bargain from Homebase, hugely reduced…result!
nursery 3

We won’t mention the comedy moments trying to put these ‘supposedly’ easy to erect shelves together. Needless to say I did manage to break a leg (thankfully not my own).
nursery 6
So what’s the next big dream / ambition? To have my own nursery.
I never thought the Tidy Garden dream would come true…
Have a great weekend x


heidy said...

Your garden looks so beautiful Jane!!!
XXX Heidy

Sarah/ Galloping Horse Garden said...

Everything looks lush and lovely! I love the square foot vegetable garden and may have to copy that next year. But no chicken wire to keep rabbits and other critters out? Does a nightly patrol do the trick?

Tammy said...

Wow, wow, wow Janey!! Absolute beauty and serenity! All you need is a dream to start from so get busy!

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Beautiful garden Jane all your hard work has paid off. Love Alison xx

Angie said...

Jane, it's hardly surprising you are pleased with your garden at the moment. It looks great.
Your raised beds are looking good and I've an image of you now stroking your seedlings. Don't you talk to them?
I've long admired Helene's shelving myself but have nowhere practical to put them

HELENE said...

Your shelves look great! I did have a bit of trouble putting them together myself, they were so hard to push in!! I ended up standing on a chair leaning on top of them to ensure everything were securely locked in, a bit of a sight a guess but I was alone – a comedy moment here too!

Your garden looks wonderful, and your beds are just as I like them, tidy and clean and filled to the brim :-) I wish I had room for a raised bed like yours for herbs but the only space left would be on my roof – not sure how I would access it, not really good with climbing anymore!

HolleyGarden said...

Good luck with making your own nursery! How exciting! I loved seeing your garden. Perfect means no more plants? Hmm..... I hope mine are never perfect! ;) However, your apple tree bed must really be perfect for you to sit and stare for hours contentedly. I thought we gardeners were never content! I rarely sit down before I see a weed or something to be done. So, congrats on having a perfect bed. I also like your square foot garden. it is very pretty, and it looks like it is raised just enough to be quite comfortable to work in.

David Marsden said...

Those veg beds are so remarkably neat. *Round of applause* Dave

Casa Mariposa said...

Everything looks so lush and full! But the best part of this post is how in love with your garden you are. That's the real beauty. :o)

Casa Mariposa said...

One more - I love those raised beds! I love how deep they are. :o) I'd be out there every minute staring at them, too.

Lyn said...

I last visited your garden about a month ago, and what a difference! It all looks great, you must be so pleased. Those doronicums are just a perfect yellow.

Alistair said...

The tidy garden is looking amazing Jane and the camera work with the Shady bed is very special.

Indie said...

Well with your nice new seedling set up, you're on your way! It's all looking gorgeous.. though not quite perfect - the thought of no more plant acquiring is too horrifying to make that statement!

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