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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Square Foot Gardening Update

Ahoy fellow gardener-a-holics.
It’s been a month since my last posting about our Square foot (and a bit) raised veg beds so time to give you an update.
This was Bed A (or as Mr TG refers to it, his grave plot!) on the June 14th.

bbbb 016

Look at it today…

5.7.2013 (3)

We’ve not bought lettuce for weeks, in fact, despite the size of the plot we’re still giving crops away. Chard, that I’ve never managed to grow successfully before, has been the biggest thrill to try. Not particularly flavoursome but with a drizzle of salad dressing & mixed in with the baby leaf lettuce & rocket, tastes Nom! (Which I believe is a youthful word for ‘bloody delicious’ – I’m so down with the kids).
The sweetcorn, that I was a tad dubious about growing in such a tight space, is positively flourishing. I was about to give up on the cauliflowers as there was leaf-a-plenty but no flower heads. All of a sudden this past week they’ve appeared, so I’ve tied the leaves up around them to protect their little faces from this baking weather we’re having. We’ve had sugar-snap peas but I left a few on a bit long & they went all stringy.
And here’s Bed B (My plot allegedly!!) last month…

bbbb 015

…and here it is now.

5.7.2013 (4)

We’ve had beetroots (sliced with onions in vinegar)…little gem lettuces are filling out, alas the cucumbers this year failed, as did the spring onions. Came home the other day to find Mr TG replanting my red onions – he thought they were the spring onions!!!! The broadbeans are almost ready & the carrot seedlings that I bought clearly had the wrong label as they’re all round balls and not your usual finger shape. Sweetpeas have bloomed this week (growing up the middle) and another packet of spring onions sown.
I’m still at the over-excited, crop-stroking, sighing-in-wonder stage of Square Foot Gardening. Maintenance has been minimal, no weeds so far, each bed has 3 or 4 watering cans each day to keep it all going and regular checks on the caulis for butterfly eggs but that’s about it.
The best bit is just watching it grow, harvesting your own produce & knowing exactly what’s going into your mouth.
On the ‘Happiness Scale’ of 1 – 100, oooh I’d say I’m at 100!!
Stay cool this week, people of Blighty!

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Tammy said...

Wow Janey! What terrific results although I am surprised the cucumbers didn't survive! Don't forget to plant garlic come October!

Lyn said...

Those beds look amazing- just like the pictures they have in books and magazines that tempt you to grow vegies that you really know in your heart will never look that good -except that yours do!

heidy said...

Wow Jane,looks great!
XXX Heidy

Ali said...

Looking great - you wouldnt think you would be ale to grow so much stuff in a square foot!!!

Chrissy said...

Dollops of dressing for me thanks...but what a greenery salad heaven..I'm going to have a go at Tomatoes this year in pots...and maybe some pretty lettuces..the coloured ones...not much room for anything else...everything looks so neat and tidy in your garden Jane..beautiful.


Alistair said...

Well Jane, if I ever get into veg growing this will be the way for me, just love it.

Lindac said...

Oh my gosh Jane it all look so neat and tidy, I am soooo envious, you must take so much time to get it all looking like that.
I had to giggle when you said Mr TG replanted those onions lol, it's the sort of thing my own Mr TG would do lol.
I've never grown Chard but I may have a bash next year :)
Enjoy the fruits of your labour Jane :)

Butrifli said...

Jane, Just simply beautiful... I can just kick myself for not planting a garden this spring... If this example of gorgeous doesn't inspire me I don't know what will!!! Nothing but perfection! hugs ....

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Jane gorgeous all that lovely veg yummy. Hope your keeping well. Happy gardening. Love Alison xx

HELENE said...

Congratulations on your Square Foot Gardening, it looks great! I went for an even smaller size this year, 4 large window baskets, and I have had more than I can eat too! I have just sowed my third batch of radish and next week third batch of lettuce leafs will be sown. They have grown so quickly in this weather. I also have some beetroots which haven't been so successful and the fourth window baskets is full of herbs which I keep snipping off. Have learned a lot for next year :-)

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