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Friday, 23 August 2013

Cheesy Grin

DSCF0020 (2)

Ooooooh the excitement!
2 of these packages arrived this week c/o Thompson & Morgan / Gardeners’ World magazine.

DSCF0021 (2)

Awwwwwww….like a wee maternity unit.

24 Penstemon (Tubular Bells Rose)
24 Salvia (Blue Queen)
24 Echinacea (Primadonna)
24 Delphinium (Magic Fountains Mix)

DSCF0023 (2)

Isn’t this amazing?
Mr TG & the TG offspring weren’t so impressed….Peasants!

DSCF0022 (2)

So armed with a dibber-thingy, a heap of potting compost & a cheesy grin I spent a peaceful hour planting up these babies.
DSCF0024 (3)

And here they shall stay, in the ‘special care unit’, to beef up alongside the spindly lupin seedlings.
Have a groovy weekend!

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mittens & Muffs


According to Mr TG, who for the record is NOT a qualified weatherman, the arrival of the Rudbeckia in the Tidy Garden means autumn’s here.
Mittens, muffs and the central heating system are poised ready for action.
Polo-neck woolly's are being dusted down and wellies buffed.
I’ve given him one of ‘my looks’ but he’s adamant it’s all over…batten down the hatches, take cover…
Two words to summarize…Barking & Mad (you choose the order!)
Meanwhile…I’ve got a few (ahem!) bargain purchases from my Gosmore plant fix / supplier & our local Range store.

DSCF0008 (4)

The ferns were from the Range (£2.99 each) & a Fatsia (£3 something). The local DIY superstore was selling the Heuchera for £8 & the Rudbeckia for £6, ‘my man’ sells them for less than half those prices. Just shows the enormous mark up. The Buddleia is a dwarf variety & was positively covered in peacock butterflies, even when I was paying for it they were still landing on the deep purple flowers.
Autumn? I’m still in spring-mode!
Have a groovy week everyone.
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Friday, 2 August 2013

Running For The Hills!!!

18.7.2013 (2)

It’s been a funny ol’ week.
At times it seemed that where ever I went, armed with metal implements (forks, dibbers, hoes), the ‘Lightning Gods’ would follow doing their best to frighten the b-jeepers outta this ‘storm woos’.
On other occasions it felt as if ‘them upstairs’ were in cahoots to see who could dump the most amount of water on me in a single hour for a laugh.
On the days that I forgot my iced-flannel the sun came out & did its best to try & melt this Tidy Gardener.
And so to Friday, the end of the working week….I’m dry, still in one piece & have not been zapped by lightening or deafened by the cracks of thunder….’I know’ (said them upstairs)….’let’s scare the living daylights out of her with a snake……mwhahaha!!!!!’
Yes! 30 seconds from the end of my job today and I come across a snake, the first one I have ever seen that’s not been surrounded by glass!
Apparently, despite being at least 20 foot long (ish’) it was ‘just’ a grass snake. I didn’t hang about to discuss.

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