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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mittens & Muffs


According to Mr TG, who for the record is NOT a qualified weatherman, the arrival of the Rudbeckia in the Tidy Garden means autumn’s here.
Mittens, muffs and the central heating system are poised ready for action.
Polo-neck woolly's are being dusted down and wellies buffed.
I’ve given him one of ‘my looks’ but he’s adamant it’s all over…batten down the hatches, take cover…
Two words to summarize…Barking & Mad (you choose the order!)
Meanwhile…I’ve got a few (ahem!) bargain purchases from my Gosmore plant fix / supplier & our local Range store.

DSCF0008 (4)

The ferns were from the Range (£2.99 each) & a Fatsia (£3 something). The local DIY superstore was selling the Heuchera for £8 & the Rudbeckia for £6, ‘my man’ sells them for less than half those prices. Just shows the enormous mark up. The Buddleia is a dwarf variety & was positively covered in peacock butterflies, even when I was paying for it they were still landing on the deep purple flowers.
Autumn? I’m still in spring-mode!
Have a groovy week everyone.
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Tammy said...

Oh I think hubby is wrong, he's gotta be! My black-eyed susans have been blooming for more than a month now and I haven't heard any crickets which is a clear sign of fall! Gorgeous plants!

Ali said...

Lovely - after watching my mate Carol on tv I grew some Rudbeckia from seed out of a packet only 5 survived but they are huge and been flowering since I think the end of July and still flowering strong. Is Mr TG right about autumn??? lol can you have a word with him x

Alistair said...

Maybe its one of those new fangled early Rudbeckias, on second thoughts even ours are starting to bloom. Naw, i'm with you its not Autumn yet.

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Noncooperation don't want autumn to be here yet still want more sun. Loving those plants and at such a bargain too love Alison xx

Angie said...

Jane, Autumn!!! No not yet in my book either! The sedum hasn't flowered here yet - that's when I call it late summer.
Great bargains, hasn't the butterflies been great this year.

HELENE said...

Oh, I have been drooling over one of those dwarf buddleias several times when ordering plants, but resisted, I really want one but have nowhere to put it. Autumn already? Well, my heating has been on every evening the last week or so, but I am a frosty person, the weather for next week is supposed to be warmer than we have now so I hope summer is still going to continue!

Bethany Benton Art said...

Your "bargain purchases" (lol) are quite pretty, Jane! I'm not quite ready for autumn either, but it seems to be upon us here. The temperatures have been quit pleasant for the past few days, which is a nice change. Your lovely post has certainly brightened my day (it's rained here all summer and continues as I type ... I thought it would be gone when I wafted it your way :-). All the best!

Lyn said...

It's not autumn till it's autumn! And that's when the leaves turn, as far as I'm concerned. I do like your new plants. I've heard about the dwarf buddleias, but I don't think they're available here yet. When they are, I'll have to stop myself from filling the garden with them.

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