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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hooked on Heucheras

2013-09-12 15 24 12

While Mr C drools over the loves of his life, Geums ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ & ‘ Lady Stratheden’, I have been revelling in my own affair with a whole bunch of Heucheras. I can’t get enough of them & my ‘supplier’ is at the stage of questioning ‘do you really need another?’
Now I don’t know the names of all the varieties I have but the one above has speckles of pink in the rich purple & green tinged foliage & long stems of white flowers that last for months at a time.
2013-09-12 15 24 24

This one is quite special, the above photo shows its green leaf colour now and the one below shows that its leaves were peachy coloured earlier in the year, with its stunning flowers that up close are pink & lime.
31.5.2013 (15)

2013-09-12 15 23 20

What can I say about this one (Lime Marmalade) that isn’t flamin’ obvious! It looks this perfect everyday of the year & I’m still in awe each time I walk pass. I have more than one (ahem!) of these.
31.5.2013 (11)

I believe this one is Coral Bells, the striking lipstick-red flowers make up for the fairly ordinary foliage.
15.6.2013 (2) 

18.8.2013 (6)

18.8.2013 (7)

It’s impossible to count the number of colours that simply ooze from this one. Gorgeous from above looking down and amazing from underneath looking up with its deep purple undersides that show subtly along its frilly edged leaves.
2013-09-12 15 23 50

And finally…’Marmalade’….simply heavenly!
2013-09-12 15 23 25

These are all in pots of varying sizes outside the front door where they are exposed to everything the British weather throws at them. From snow, biting winds, torrential rain to baking summer sun.
All they require is regular treatment with an anti-vine weevil killer and watering & this is the payback.
I hope you’re hooked too!
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Tammy said...

Finally, something we have in common! You're are gorgeous, just as pretty as mine!

Angie said...

I've more than my fair share of Heucheras too Jane. You are not alone!
I have a love/hate relationship with them. I find there is never an inbetween with them. They are either doing brilliantly or are looking poorly!
Your selection all look very healthy. Much nicer than a couple of Geums in my opinion too ;)

Bethany Benton Art said...

Beautiful plants, Jane. I haven't ever had a Heuchera. They must not like it around here, since I've never noticed them in the garden centers either. That's a shame! The Coral Bells are lovely! What on earth are you going to do about Mr. C.'s wandering eye, etc. with the likes of ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ & ‘ Lady Stratheden’? LOL

Lindac said...

Love em too Jane. I have many varieties but over time the labels have become lost - I always log the plants I buy so I could go through the internet and put the name to the plant but I'll never get round to it lol.
I'm collecting seed for the first time this year, I'm going to have a go at growing my own and see what hybrids develop - apparantly they're easy to grow from seed.

HELENE said...

I love heucheras too, but had to throw out all 8 I had last year after I got two from a nursery with suspected disease. They advised I waited a year before starting a new collection so next year I am buying some new ones. Coral Bells looks fantastic, never seen one with such amazing flowers, I used to cut off the flowers on those I had as none were particularly impressive. Can’t wait to get some new ones in, Coral Bells is on my wish list!

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