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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bird Watching


I’ve finally managed to get a picture of our neighbourhood’s most beautiful visitor, the heron.
He’s been hanging around on & off for years but by the time I’ve dug out the camera, flicked off the lens cap, switched it on, waited for the batteries to warm up, focused & clicked he’s already in a different county. His arrival always brings out our resident crows who spend there days chasing him away, dive-bombing him while in mid-flight and generally making him feel very unwelcome.
There can only be one thing on his mind round these parts & that’s garden fishponds.
But he is a sight to behold as he glides over the roof tops & struts along like a super model.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bees Knees….Somewhere.

18.8.2013 (15)

The Echinops in the Tidy Garden this year were bigger & better than ever before.
18.8.2013 (10)

Those fretting about the decline in bee numbers needn’t have panicked. They were all in our back yard clambering over each other to get to get the best spot on each thistly flower head.
On some evenings, when the sun had dipped, I’d have to prod some of our fuzzy friends gently who seemed to have fallen asleep, intoxicated in the sweet nectar. Like a pub landlord yelling ‘Haven’t you got homes to go to?!’

2013-08-16 15 55 42

Some were just plain stupid. Yes, underneath all that pollen was a bee who hadn’t learnt the art of bagging up its bounty.
Not quite sure if he ever made it home or crash landed somewhere with excess baggage.
Now is it me or did summer fly by this year?
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