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Friday, 1 November 2013

The Garden Lamp Company Welly Rack - Product Review

I was recently contacted by the good folk at the Garden Lamp Post Company and asked if I would be be interested in carrying out a product test & write a review on one of their wrought iron Welly Racks.
There are 4 options to choose from, 2 floor standing varieties (holds 3 or 6 pairs of wellies) & 2 wall mounted (again, holds 3 or 6 pairs of wellies).
I have tested the wall mounted / 3 pairs option £109.99
2013-10-26 09 12 16 2013-10-26 09 22 37
I’ll be honest, when I found out the price of the welly rack I did wince a bit … £109.99 is a lot of money, but that was before it arrived.
As you can see, the packaging was more than adequate - corrugated cardboard, stiff cardboard & bubble-wrap. It was at this stage that Mr TG exclaimed that we’d have to move to accommodate such a posh looking welly rack and then spent several hours walking around the house pondering the perfect location where visitors would be able to ‘ooooh’ n ‘arrrrr’ at its beauty.
Alas, moving was not an option (and to my mind a tad extreme) but I would certainly agree that its final destination does not give it justice. It is worthy of somewhere far more glamorous than our garage, if you have such a space.
DSCF0013 (2)
So here it is ‘in-situ’, putting the rest of the garage contents to shame.
Height: 1.3m
Width: 21cm
Closed Depth: 4cm
Open Depth: 20cm
Weight: 5.5kg
DSCF0011 (2)
It’s made of solid wrought iron & has 6 beautifully twisted legs, each capped with a smooth, ceramic ball to protect your wellies from being damaged on sharp edges and eyeballs from being poked out!
When not in use the legs can be folded flat against the wall (held by the hinges that I’ve left diagonally for you to see). The hinges are simply turned slightly & the legs fall forward for you to pop your wellies on to.
It is more like a piece of furniture, heavyweight, sturdy and certainly looks & feels like a quality piece of craftsmanship.
It can be fitted both indoors & outside and unlike our old welly rack….
(Cough!) An old freezer drawer tied to the garage door (Cough!)
…looks a lot ‘posher’ & our wellies should air & dry faster.
It would make a great gift, something I’d never thought of before, and I can think of a couple of family members who’d appreciate & definitely be able to make good use of such a neat idea. Maybe a Christmas or wedding present for a couple…..hmmmmmm?
Mr TG’s over the moon with it and still thinks it should have pride of place in the the house next to photos of the children, but for now it’s in our humble garage getting a daily dusting just before the wellies are buffed.
My only criticism would be the lack of wall fixings, I think buyers might be disappointed not to find wall fixings enclosed with the packaging. But, in their defence, Richard at the The Garden Lamp Company did respond by saying it was difficult for them to predict what type of wall it would be fixed to so, as a rule, they didn’t enclose fixings. However, he said that if fixings were requested then they would supply them once they knew the details of the material of the surface it was to be mounted on and if there were any issues with the depth of the surface.
Personally I think most folk would attach the welly rack to a brick wall as it’s quite heavy, so maybe such wall-fixings should be provided as standard.
That said, 1 email & 24hrs later & fixing’s arrived.
So in summary, what do I think?
Well I love it…simples! Yes, it’s expensive but with most things you get what you pay for. It’s definitely smart enough to be hung indoors if you can. I’d have been more than grateful if I’d been given it as a present and the quality is second to none. Chuck in the wall-fixings as standard & I’d say perfect.
To find out more about the Garden Lamp Company click the badge below.


Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

This would make a fantastic present but it would have to be a special pressie at that price but it looks a fantastic bit of kit. Love Alison xx

Tammy said...

My only complaint is that I didn't know what wellys were until I saw their picture!

Bethany Benton Art said...

Ooooh, that's very nice. I like it a lot but not as much as I like those leopard wellies! All the best, Jane! x

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