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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors - Product Review

I was recently asked by Fiskars if I’d test & review their Cuts+More Multi-Tool Scissors.
As well as the scissors, I was also given a length of garden twine, string, rope, wire and some kind of faux leather material to chop up.
I’ve tested them from a gardener’s point of view but they’d be suitable around the home, in the kitchen, crafting, etc…
So, like it says on the tin packaging, these are multi-tool scissors.
There’s a blade cover (for when not in use) that doubles up, nay…trebles up as a blade sharpener and tape cutter.
There’s a handy notch in the joint of the handles for cutting wire and…
… an even handier bottle-opener in the bottom blade for you beer, guzzling-types.
There’s also a twine cutting groove too.
If you open the blades really wide, they’ll come apart (I thought I’d broken them…Doh!) and the black blade becomes a knife. The point is sharp enough to pierce through tough material.
So, from a gardener’s point of view, I’m very impressed. I’ve snipped through all the samples provided, taken some more pelargonium cuttings which are quite chunky. The cut is smooth & clean. They’re very comfortable to use, a nice weight, the only part I can’t get to work smoothly is the sharpening action, but I think that’s me rather than the gadget.
My only criticism is the packaging. If I’d been out looking for a new pair of scissors I probably wouldn’t have been lured in by the description of the ‘multi-tool’ features on the packaging details. It’s not that clear how all of the different parts of the scissors work & just how useful they are.
Also, it describes them as ‘the ultimate right-handed multi tool scissors’ which suggests they’re no good for left-handed folk. So I asked my freakishly, weird left-handed daughter (she’s just freakishly weird, nothing to do with being left-handed) to try them and she had no trouble at all using them, so I’m not sure why they stated the ‘right-handed’ bit.
I found this great video which explains brilliantly just how great these scissors are.

Fiskars Cuts+More Multi-Tool Scissors
A great addition to my gardening tool bag and I’ve ‘Googled’ to see how much they retail for.
They’re £16.97 at Amazon UK at the mo’ and if you’re across the pond, they’re $12.65.
Not bad for 1 tool that can replace several.
100% recommendation!


Tammy said...

Interesting. Thanks for the review!

HELENE said...

I love it! I have just put it on my wish list on my Amazon account and I also found a similar item they call Cuts + More MultiPurpose Garden Scissor priced at £12.11, same multifunction and looks very similar but might have slightly smaller scissor blades. Great stuff, thanks for the review, if there is anything left in the kitty after Christmas I will get one of those!

Pam's English Garden said...

I love Fiskar's gardening tools, Jane. My children are thrilled because they say they always know what to buy me.

Thank you so much for the link to the miniature gardens on Pinterest. There are some wonderful ideas there. P. x

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