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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Getting There


I’m almost there with the reorganisation of the Tidy Garden following the arrival of the greenhouse just before Christmas
The new slate pathways, edged with bricks, around the greenhouse & veg’ area are finished. There’s just a few pots that need to be repositioned & that concrete bench on the right, that looks like a prop from the Flintstones, needs to be moved in front of the bench so it can be used as a table instead.


The raised Veg’ beds for our Square Foot Gardening are in their new position poised ready for planting. The future of that 1/4 circle of lawn is under discussion at the mo’…Mr TG wants a wildflower ‘meadow’ but as it’s the final piece of ‘green’ in full sun the TG offspring may stake a claim to it for summer socialising.

Inside the greenhouse, seed trays wait patiently to be filled…there’s still a lot of stroking, staring in awe, sighing, ooooohing n’ arrrring going on… (Sad I know)

odd bits of paving that I’ve found have been used to create a runway, just need a few more slabs

…and random bits have been salvaged from the clutches of the evil that is the Vine Weevil. Pots in the garden had been treated with Provado throughout last year but it seems nothing short of a damned good clubbing was gonna kill the 2 fat critters I found munching on this strawberry plantlet.

It seems, thank goodness, that nothing will see off the Calendula which has been flowering non-stop since last summer. This winter has been unseasonably mild & I’ve been thankful for a splash of colour in the garden while it’s been at that messy, muddy, ‘under-construction stage. I always plant a fresh batch of Calendula seeds in the autumn, spring sowings never seem to come to anything.

Last year’s divided Primulas are coming to life…

…and my hanging basket of Auriculas is blooming too.

Finally here’s a panoramic view of the garden.
(A groovy setting I found on my new camera)

There’s also a revised map of the Tidy Garden here.

Still lots to do, but the foundations for 2014 are in place.
Roll on Spring!


Tammy said...

Wow Janey, hard to believe the change and all the plants that are blooming! Looks fantastic but me thinks it would be easier to move the wooden bench behind the cement bench so you can enjoy all of the view.

HELENE said...

I am sooo jealous of your greenhouse! I think I would have gone inside and stroked and stared at everything too, if I had got a greenhouse so I can fully understand you doing it! Looking forward to seeing what you will grow there. Take care, Helene.

Indie said...

Wow, it looks so nice and tidy! And I can't believe how green it looks in January.. I'm a little suspicious that you are spray-painting that grass that vibrant green color...

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Wow Jane your garden looks fab, mine is looking a bit sad I'm ashamed to say but I will sort it out I promise. Love Alison xx

Casa Mariposa said...

I love it!! My husband and I were comparing the garden culture of the UK to the lawn culture of the US and I mentioned your wonderful new greenhouse. We don't even know where we'd buy one! They are usually custom made and only the wealthy have them, unless someone builds one themselves. Lucky you! I think your garden looks great with the new design. :o)

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